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Episode 152: The Chasers, along with their NBA correspondent Ryan DeSouza, talks NBA defense and the new NBA award names paying homage to NBA Greats. Dan, “The Hockey Dude,” talks about NHL Power Rankings along with NHL and hockey hot news topics. “DA” talks about the World Cup 2022 and the Finals between France and Argentina. College Football talk along with the 2022 Bowl games, NIL, and transfer portals. D-Dubb with Boxing and NFL Picks by the Chasers.

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Aint No Hope In Hell

What’s going on, everybody? Happy Thursday to everybody. Coming to you live and direct every Thursday. Do you know what we do? You give us 90 minutes, and we’ll give you the sports world. We got the crew going from left to right. We got the DA. What’s good, my brother? What’s happening, sir?

I’m glad to be here. I’m ready to talk sports. I’m excited. Let’s go.

We also got my main man, the hockey dude, Dan. What’s good, brother? How are you, sir?

Nothing much. How’s everybody doing?

The whole world is good.

Here’s the angry one. What’s up, brother? How are you, sir?

What’s going on, Sports Chaser’s family? What’s good, fellas?

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DDubb, what’s up? How are you? You are white on white.

What’s good? Thursday night, let’s get it. Ryan, welcome.

What’s up, man?

We got our main man. Ryan. We have to talk NBA.

What’s up, bro? What’s going on? How are you?

I’m good. I just got back from Atlanta. I was doing my thing out there on the acting scene. I visited my brother and his babies. I’m in a good mood. Thank you for having me as always. It’s always a pleasure. Let’s do it up. Let’s talk about some sports like how we do it.

Next time you get out to Atlanta, I got this guy to help you rent a tank. Soon you out there, you all good because I hear those savages are crazy out there.

I appreciate you. I’m going to need that tank.

Bulletproof the whole car. That’s everything.

Ryan, what’s going on in the NBA? Ryan’s going to start with the NBA.

With the NBA, we’re going to do a little bit differently. They revamped and renamed all the awards. All the major awards at the end of the season, they put players’ names behind it, which is a great idea so we don’t forget who these players are, especially for the young generation. I always like when the league gives back to people who made it possible for these younger generations to come up.

I’m going to go quick down the line with each individual award. The MVP Award is now called the Michael Jordan Award. Enough said about that. The only person to have more MVPs than Michael Jordan was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which is my goat of all time to point that out there. You can’t go wrong with Mike. Mike is unbelievable.

You can’t go wrong with Kareem either.

Kareem, for me, is my goat on all levels.

He’s the world’s greatest basketball player of all time and the most accomplished.

There’s no doubt in my mind.

He had 4 high school championships, 3 college championships, and 6 NBA championships. You can’t fight with those numbers.

He’s the most MVP. It’s a little posturing from the NBA with Kareem because they’ve always had that back and forth, and they said Kareem wasn’t very approachable or got blackballed from the league a little bit. As I said, you can’t go wrong with Mike getting that named after him. A lot of people wanted to change the logo to Mike.

That sounds cool to me too. I’m good with that.

The logo is Jerry West, and that Jerry West logo is iconic. It’s a symbol. Name him the MVP Award after Jordan. He went to the six finals, won all six, and won all the finals MVPs. It’s fitting for Jordan to have that. To transition to Jerry West, it’s weird to me. They had the Most Clutch Award, and that went to Jerry West.

Jerry West was 1 for 8.

With that award, the Most Clutch, I’m thinking it’s more based on the regular season. Apparently, he has one of the highest percentages for clutch shots. I’m too young to have witnessed Jerry West play at his prime, but to me, the most clutch player I’ve ever seen was Larry Bird and Reggie Miller. I don’t want people to get me wrong. Not as good as Jerry West and Larry Bird, but if you’re talking about you wanting a bucket and in grand fashion and the way he does it, he had some very clutch shots.

Larry Joe Bird was a bad man.

I hated Larry Bird, but he was so good. Not only that, they say that he was the best trash talker. When Gary Payton says, “Larry Bird was a better trash talker than me,” that blew my mind. They said that Larry Bird will tell you exactly what he’s going to do, when he’s going to do it, how he’s going to do it, and do it. He did that to Dr. J. Mr. Cool, but Dr. J never lost his cool.

Larry Bird will tell you exactly what he's going to do, when he's going to do it, how he's going to do it, and do it. Click To Tweet

Do you all remember when Dr. J almost tried to kill Larry Bird? They said that Larry Bird was talking so much trash to him and was giving him the business. If I think about clutch, I think about Bird for some reason. I might be wrong, but for me, it is Larry with that. I wasn’t privy to watching Jerry West play. They said that he hit a lot of clutch shots and rightfully so.

We forget about Larry because of all the athleticism and all the other guys. Larry Bird didn’t have all that, but the clutch gene, he had.

I got to speak on this real quick. I’m not going to take a lot of time. It’s real short. Taking that whole athleticism thing is a fragmentation of folks’ imagination. For you to say Larry Bird wasn’t an athlete.

I’m not saying he was no athlete.

The NBA was not built upon everybody being able to jump over the rim and hit their head on the backboard. It’s a skill game and has always been a skill game. All because this guy doesn’t jump this way or he doesn’t do that, there was a whole era. Like in the ’80s, there might’ve been 5 to 10 dudes that were some real high-risers that were outside the norm. Larry Bird, Dave Corzine, Rick Mahorn, and all these dudes jumped the same 2 inches off the ground.

Also, Brad Daugherty.

If you take a kid that’s a Division 1 or 2 that never played in the league and take him to your gym, he’ll play there all day and will never get off the court because there won’t be anybody there at your gym that can beat them. To expect everyone to be Zion and to disrespect guys because they are not Zion or whoever is a new thing. We knew in the ’80s and ’90s, our guys were more athletic than some dudes in the ’70s and ’60s, but we never disrespected them. That’s where I look at it. I don’t get into it. I respect all these guys because they’re there. They got paid money to play a game.

Going back to the list, Defensive Player of the Year is now called the Hakeem Olajuwon Award, which is very close to my heart because I’m a big Houston Rockets fan. The thing with Olajuwon is not only is he number one in blocks, but he’s also top ten in steals as a center. Let that sink in. He was seventh at the time when he retired as a center. Let this sink in too. He’s the only player to record two quadruple-doubles.

It’s so funny because I remember as a kid when he got in the quadruple-double, he got it with assist points, rebounds, and blocks. In those games, he had 5 or 6 steals. He could have got a quintuple double. It’s amazing. It’s fitting. He won Defensive Player of the Year twice. He was an eight-time all-defensive player. For a long time, he was the only player in one season to win Defensive Player of the Year, MVP, and the championship and finals MVP until Giannis did it. Not even Jordan did that.

Also, to think too, he probably made one of the biggest defensive plays in the history of the NBA finals. Some of you all might remember the 1994 finals with the Knicks. Remember game six, John Starks was cooking. John Stark was amazing. He had a bad game seven. What happened was they did a high screen for Starks up top.

The Rockets were up by two. Olajuwon, from the high post, ran off, got screened, and they swung it to Starks, and Starks was wide open. For the life of me, I still don’t know how Hakeem got there to deflect that and get that block on Starks because that was going in. The next one, winning that championship if Olajuwon does not block that shot. It was an amazing feat.

You said it, Ryan. It was his amazing feat.

I know we’re going to be talking about football and his football background. All these guys now who can defend a pick-and-roll in NBA nowadays because the NBA now is a pick-and-roll game. Nobody runs the offense.

On the screen here, there it is.

There it is right here.

You got guys to punish yourself.

What’s wrong with you, Kevin?

How do you relive that shit?

Kevin, I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

That was wrong, Kevin. I appreciate that.

We got props. We use them. I got you.

Not only that, when you’re talking about a player that can probably move his feet on the pick and roll better than anybody I’ve ever seen as a big man, he can guard 1 through 5 as a big man because he can move his feet. At the end of his career, it helped him with his offensive game with that footwork. The dreams shake is amazing.

The NBA now is basically just a pick and roll game. Click To Tweet

We’re getting off-topic because we were talking about the defensive aspect of Olajuwon, but that’s fitting that you would name the Defensive Player of the Year Award after Olajuwon, number 1 in blocks, and top 10 in steals as a center. It’s phenomenal. Rookie of the Year is called the Wilt Chamberlain Award. The reason why they did that is that in Wilt’s rookie year, not only did he win MVP, but he also won the MVP Award as a rookie. Let that sink in how great Wilt was.

We don’t even get to go in about Wilt and all his achievements, stats, and the rules being changed for Wilt. We are on a time crunch. The Sixth Man of the Year award is called the John Havlicek Award. He was always starting for those powerful Boston Celtics. When he moved to the bench, they took off and started winning a bunch of championships. They gave him the nod with that. Like I said, it’s good to rename these awards.

The younger guys, when they see the younger players get the Defensive Player of the Year Award given to them, this Hakeem Olajuwon Award, maybe that young guy be like, “Who’s the Hakeem Olajuwon?” What they’ll do is pop on that YouTube that Kev posted with Olajuwon. That’s bringing it full circle, and I like that.

We hope so. ADHD, all types of shit. They might look it up, who knows?

Let’s give the younger generation the benefit of the doubt. At least the NBA’s doing their part and not forgetting these all-time greats. I’m happy about that. The last award, the Most Improved Player Award is called the George Mikan Award. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with George Mikan.

SCSP Aint No Hope In Hell | NBA Defense
NBA Defense: At least the NBA’s doing their part and not forgetting these all-time greats.


That was a weird one. Mikan was nice the whole time. He never improved. He came in averaging 20 or 30 points a game. What the hell?

That one to me was weird. I couldn’t pinpoint who should be the right person for this award. His first year, he wasn’t that good, and then he developed the Mikan Drill and all that stuff.

That drill is serious.

The story behind the Mikan Drill is he was struggling. Every off-season, he kept doing this drill that he created for the big man, the left to right. Maybe they’re giving him the nod for that. As I said, that award stumped me a little bit with the Most Improved Player. I didn’t have a person who I could think about.

I looked at the stats, but I didn’t see him being bad ever. When did he improve?

Maybe it’s because of the Mikan Drill.

Also, they probably did it to pay homage to some of the greats. You named all the greats in your list there, and they were paying homage to that. Real quick, Ryan, before we move off to the next docket. What’s going on in NBA nowadays? In what I said, did you get a chance to check that out as far as the average scoring? We are talking about defense, 115 points, what’s up with defense in the NBA?

It’s 119.

This is what I think is going on. In the NBA, they have freedom of movement. You can’t run through somebody through a pick anymore or they got to be able to move freely through your defense. Back in the day, Stockton, you can’t run through their defense because he’s going to lay you out. With the whole freedom of movement thing, I also think about how they got the zone.

They’ve been playing zone for a while now, but teams are playing more zone now. If any of you all who ever played basketball the no playing a zone, what does that do? It makes you lazy because you’re only defending a zone. You’re not chasing a man around. You then do a lot of ball-watching. Look at the offensive rebounds. They are going up.

Playing zone makes you lazy because you're only defending a zone and not chasing a man around. Click To Tweet

The Houston Rockets is the worst team in the league in the few two years. The league is a league in offensive rebounding because people play zone against them a lot. You’re not boxing out. You’re taught that when the ball goes up, find a body, but if you’re playing a zone, you might not be close to a body. Again, teams are playing with more pace, Kev.

I can’t say it’s because of the zone. Teams are speeding it up and getting more possessions. Also too, the new rule that happened this year, the Take Foul Rule, they’ve done without that. Now you can’t stop somebody, stop the ball, and fast break. There are more fast breaks. Before 2023, you can take a foul and stop somebody’s fast break and be like, “We take the ball out of bounce.” With that, it adds to a higher score and a faster pace. Guess who has the second-fastest pace in the league? To me, I don’t even know how this is possible with him on the team. He plays this many minutes. The Minnesota Timberwolves with Rudy Gobert has the second-highest pace in the league.

They also have my man D’Angelo to offset his non-shooting by shooting every other time. D’Angelo is going to pick up the pace for you.

What I’m saying is when you have somebody like that, you would think that you’re slowing it down like they did in Utah. KAT doesn’t play fast. He wants to shoot a lot of threes. They got Ant-Man, and he plays fast. They’re playing fast. Teams are just playing faster. They’re getting more possessions.

Shout out to Marlon. Marlon said, “Highest in three-point shots.”

With 2 or 3 zones, that means you’re not always going to have somebody out at the three-point line. You got 2 guys at the elbows and 3 guys along the baseline. That means you are leaving a lot of space for three-point shooters. That’s also another way for them to cheat the system. It’s not a matchup zone like Syracuse with 2 or 3. They play a 1-3-1.

Syracuse, like you said, is a matchup zone. It’s like a man, but they’re in a zone. That’s how good it is. They get back, switch, and get back.

They have the proper coach to coach that too. You can’t just, “We’re going to play a 2-3 zone,” and you don’t know what the heck you do. You’re not taught properly. That’s another thing too.

Freedom of movement is a big issue. They’re trying to loosen it up a little bit where you can have some contact now. Like Marlon said, teams are playing at a faster pace. It’s a copycat league. You see teams who are winning the championship, all they do is shoot threes. I hate to go back to the Rockets, but when Golden State was winning their championships, the Rockets were like, “We’re going to try to outshoot them.” You can’t.

They got two of the best shooters in the world ever to play the game, so you can’t beat them at their own game. Also, the volume. Their whole thing was, “Let’s get them up. If we get them up and hit them, we’ll win. If we don’t, when they miss 27 straight 3s, that’s what happens.” You live by the 3, you die by the 3. It’s the pace and the influx of the zone defense. A lot of teams are playing zone, and the zone makes you lazy. I played zone all day long in my 40 and over league, and I didn’t even quit.

It’s because you weren’t checking your man.

I’m just sitting there waiting for something to happen. You’re not D-ing it up.

If you stay up top, we got 2 in the middle and 2 down low.

“Who man is that?”

“That’s your man,” playing no defense.

Let me ask the question real quick. The East is choked for now versus the two Ts that we expected to be somewhere near the top of the East are there and Boston and Milwaukee. I’m fine with that. I believe Philly come on as they get healthier.

I do too.

I don’t think the experiment in Atlanta is working because the bigs aren’t working. FYI, they’re trying to trade all their bigs. They trying to give John Collins and everybody.

They’ve been trying to get him.

In the West, the man, Zion, the baby Lakers, they’re number one.

The Pelicans are number one. Memphis is number two. Maybe some time ago, it was Phoenix that was number one. They lost five straight. They lost two games to the Rockets. My sorry, Rockets.

The rockets are the most athletic team in the league.

They’re so fun to watch. They’re athletic.

They’re not the tallest, but they are the fastest, highest-jumping team in the NBA.

Marlon said something to me. He was like, “I watched a lot of the Rockets and Jalen Green when they figure it out and play the right way as far as knowing one to take shots. They take a lot of bad shots.” They’re just playing on athleticism. When they learn and know the game, they’re going to take off. I love Şengün.

Thank you, Ryan, for the NBA. I appreciate that coming through on the NBA trip. Ryan has given us a whole lot when it came to the NBA as far as the new names on the list of awards and a little bit about why the offensive we’re scoring 119 points on average.

It’s a lot of offensive talent too, guys. Let’s give it up to them. They can be fed out scored and shoot. It’s a lot more. Back in the day, point guards were your point guards. All the point guards in the league score. They’re scoring guards.

Like Dame Lillard.

Luka was second in the league to Embiid and Embiid passed him because Embiid qualified. He’s 33 points something or something like that.

I like Luka. He’s dope, but he plays some defense.

He’s not winning.

How do you know he’s not going to win? He is James Harden. He is going to have the same usage. They’re going to have a 500 record. He always passes the ball late. You got dudes there, and then he would be standing there. He doesn’t get it. Dorian Finney-Smith, no. Tim Hardaway Jr, no. You can’t dribble the ball for 19 seconds of 24 and then pass it and expect someone to score. He’s a good passer, but he doesn’t play any defense either. We’re going to have another full NBA hour and a half.

SCSP Aint No Hope In Hell | NBA Defense
NBA Defense: You can’t dribble the ball for 19 seconds of 24 and then pass it and expect someone to score.


We’ll talk about that later, but Harden did have some good records. He wasn’t always like that.

He can play now.

Marlon, let us know that. Roland went to the Yankees.

That’s what they wanted.

Six years, $162 million.

Do they need that?

Not really.

It’s a piece.

Before I got here. I got to go really quick. It’s all about the Astros. We did school with the Yankees.

That’s the new template for building the team going forward. You get 1 or 2 stars but you get a bunch of young players that can play and bring them along. A few years ago, it was almost the same team they got now.

Never can have two pitchings, that’s for sure.

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s Ryan DeSouza. Thank you, Ryan, for coming through I appreciate it.

Thank you, guys.

Thank you, Ryan. Take care.

I will see you all. I’ll try to bounce back on a little later if you are all still on.

Yes, sir. We’ll be here.

We’ll be here. We appreciate you.


Thank you. He’s Ryan DeSouza. We got up next, Dan with the hockey. Dan, what’s going on? What’s going on, sir?

Not much. I’m keeping tabs on some of the games. Your boys got a tough tilt in the garden. They got Toronto. The Penguins are playing Florida. We got Seattle and Carolina playing, Boston and LA. The good ones to watch probably would be the Toronto-New York game, and also the Washington-Dallas game for the OV watch. Looking at the power rankings to me I got a top eight.

The other eight that are in the playoffs are jumbled together, and they could end up either in or out. Boston’s still the top team. The Devils, I still have them at number two even though they’ve gone on the slide, 5, 4, and 1 in their last 10. What’s crazy is I saw a thing where they have the 26th in attendance for a division-leading team. We talk about Arizona not being able to fill the building. What’s going on?

Let me get some perspective on that because I used to live in the New York Metropolitan area. Devil’s playing at the Prudential Center, which is in Newark, New Jersey. This is approximately the guys about 5 or 6 miles from New York City. The arena fits about 18,000 people. Put that in perspective. They have to not share, but they have to fight for fan base as the Rangers who’ve been around. They’re part of the original six. The Islanders have a new building and you got the Devils. The Devils are winning.

It costs you $30 to get across that bridge and back to watch the Devils play.

They’ve been around for 30-plus years now that they’ve been in New Jersey. They have a fan base more or less in New Jersey. I don’t think they have to pull a lot of fans from New York. I’m just saying.

You could be right.

This is Dan the hockey dude. I’m not the hockey dude. I’m the moderator guy, so go ahead, Dan.

The Discussion is good. Number three, I’ve got Toronto. They’ve been one of the hottest teams probably the last couple of weeks.

What do they do in the playoffs?

First-round exit. Set up the tee times because they aren’t going anywhere. That’s their MO.

Why can’t Toronto last a couple of years? Why can’t the Maple Leagues get over the hump?

It’s in their head. It’s a mental thing. It doesn’t matter who they play. They had Boston down 3-1 and lost that series. The last time Toronto won a series. Zdeno Chára was still playing in the league. He was the last one that was in the league and he retired. That’s how long ago they got out of the first round of eighteen years or something like that. I hate to bash any professional player, but their defense is not good and they keep rotating goaltenders in and out. Here’s the deal.

We’ve talked about this before. They spent so much money on four players with the salary cap, they can’t bring in a top defenseman or a shutdown defenseman. They don’t have the money for it. They keep rotating goaltenders hoping to find the next Martin Brodeur or Patrick Roy that can stand on their heads. That’s not the way the game works. They’ve been playing well lately. They’re 9 and 1 in the last 10 and Martin’s on one. He’s been killing it. They got you guys at the Garden.

SCSP Aint No Hope In Hell | NBA Defense
NBA Defense: Toronto spent so much money on four players that they can’t bring in a top defenseman or a shutdown defenseman.


We’ll see how that turns out. That’s a good litmus test for you because you guys were in the dumps there for a while. The trivia fight where we talk about that. He chucked his helmet at the boards on the way out and was screaming at his own bench like, “Wake the fuck up.” Since then, they’ve been playing better. They’re 5-4 and 1 in their last 10, but they’ve been playing better. They won the last four.

If that tells you anything they were 0-4 and 1 or won 4 and 1. They’re playing better. They still got Vegas at 4, and Carolina at 5. The Pens at 6, Tampa at 7, and Dallas at 8. The Jets-Kraken as Rangers-Islanders, Wild-Oilers, and Wings are all right around the playoff area. In the last 10, Toronto is number 1, and the Pens are 8 at 1 and 1. Boston was 7 at 2 and 1 Washington was 7 at 2 and 1. They’ve been playing well as of late.

Have the Kraken come back down to Earth?

No, they’re still mid-pack of the playoffs. They’re getting stumped tonight. Carolina put up three on them already, and it’s only halfway through the game. Carolina is upping their team, and it’s tough for West Coast teams to come East. The cool thing, we might have to put this on the radar, is the vets can watch. They played Chicago. He got a Hat Trick and got the number 800. He’s the third player ever to hit 800. It was cool because Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews came over and congratulate him during the game for hitting that mark because they know that’s history in the making.

What’s the ranking, 894?

It’s 894. Ovechkin got 813 and 805 games. The record holder Wayne Gretzky has 894 goals in 1,487 games. He is 94 behind and he’s got about 182 games to play. It depends. He can do it and I don’t understand if you’re a coach and you’re playing Washington and they’re on the power play, how you don’t have a guy stand on the far wing at the face-off dot to cover him. There’s a reason why he can play two minutes of the power play because he doesn’t move.

He stands in that same spot, they feed him passes and you cannot stop that slapshot. That thing is wicked as hell. He’s made a living from over there like they’re putting 99 behind the net because that’s where Wayne did his business. They didn’t put a number eight right by the face-off docks because that’s where he does his damage. Like I said, he’s got 94 to go. He might need two more years because that’s saying next two years, he’s going to score 40 a year.

What’s he been averaging the last couple of years?

Probably 80, and then pass whatever he finishes up with in the last 50 games this year.

How old is he?

He’s 37?

Still doing it.

I read that Jaromír Jágr is still playing.

He owns a team over there in the Czech Republic and the sickness goes through the team. He suited up at 50 and played for his own team. He had a couple of assists in the game, which is crazy.

Shout out to Jaromír Jágr. The Pens don’t need him. You are all good.

They tried a couple of times to get him to come back. The only other things going on are, I don’t know what’s in the water or that bio steal shit they’re drinking on the bench is making people stupid. There’s been probably 3 or 4 instances of dumb behavior by players. Pierre Engvall from Toronto, Paul Bunyan, and Durzi are the Kings over the head with a high stick, straight down on his head.

He’s never been in trouble because they only gave him a one-game suspension. I was shocked. I would’ve thought the severity of what happened would be a little bit more. Jeff Skinner for Buffalo was playing the Penguins. They played back-to-back. Guentzel took a little poke at the goalie trying to get the puck out of it and it was turned, and skated up the boards. Skinner cross-checked him a couple of times straight in the face. He got three games. Ales Hemsky, they got him for a high hit on a body check and he got three games and this was all December 8th and 9th. Kevin, I sent you the video. I hope you got it.

Yes, I did.

Revo is an absolute beast. He’s 6-3 probably 2, 22, 30. I have no idea what the defenseman for Detroit was doing because they showed the video multiple times where he looked to his left at the other Minnesota Wild player. By the time he turned around, we’d all seen those videos of cars trying to cross railroad tracks and they don’t quite make it in the effect of what happens. He blew this dude up. He didn’t come back from the injury.

He went straight to the locker room and didn’t come back. I’m sure he was concussed because, by the time he turned around, he got leveled, which I saw now where he wasn’t penalized on the play what he shouldn’t have been because it was a clean hit. The NHL reviewed it and they didn’t hand out a suspension, which was the right call.

Granted, Detroit wasn’t happy about it at the time, but they didn’t do anything that tells you the respect they have for the ability of Ryan Reaves when he takes the gloves off. Nobody wanted a piece of him until he blew up the other guy in the corner later in the game and then the defenseman came to his aid but he turtled. I would too because that dude is a beast.

You’re having good goons.

It was funny. Personally, I’m a huge TNT fan. I’d rather watch every game on TNT than ESPN because of the panel that they have in between periods. You have Rick Tocchet, Anson Carter, McHugh, I think his name is, and then Paul Bissonnette.

Is that on the TNT feed?

Yeah, in between periods. Usually, Wayne’s on there, or your boy Lundqvist will come on. This night that they had Bissonnette talking Carter and you got probably two of the bigger fighters of their time. Rick Tocchet was a beast when he played.

Rick Tocchet with the Flyers, absolutely.

He played for the Flyers. He played for the Penguins. He was one of those guys that could play the game like Reaves, but you didn’t want to mess with him. You are asking for a beatdown if you started messing with him. Like they said, nowadays you can’t afford to have somebody that plays two minutes a game sitting on your bench.

Nowadays you can't afford to have somebody that plays two minutes a game sitting on your bench. Click To Tweet

The style of the game, the speed of the game. Unless you’re Tom Wilson, Ryan Reaves, or someone that can skate and play the game, you can’t have them on your roster. If you’re lucky you can get a third-pair defenseman that plays eight minutes a game that can handle that stuff. The dude from the Flyers, Deslauriers, he has more fights himself than five teams in the NHL to this point of the season.

It’s a lot of box time.

He can play the game but he can also throw them. That’s the thing is those people are few and far between. That’s where the game has changed where the speed and skill of the game. McDavid gets beat up on a nightly basis.

Catch McDavid.

He is goddamn fast. Not even funny.

The blurry out there.

He is the Road Runner because I’ve seen a lot of Wile E Coyotes hit the goddamn boards, thinking they were going to get him between them and the boards and they hit the board because he’s gone. He changes direction too.

They’re going to burn out because McDavid played so much so far this year. I get it. They’re young and stuff, but at some point, when you’re playing 82 games and then get into the playoffs, it’s going to take a toll on you. They’re in the same position that Toronto is in. Their defense is weak, their goalies are not great and they get in the shootouts all the time where it’s 6-5 scores. This 2023 the scores have been crazy high.

You got 5-4, 6-5, and 7-5. Hell, I saw Buffalo 0-0 going to the third period against the Kings and they scored 6 goals in the third period and won 6 nothing. Like I said, if they could figure their stuff out on defense and not give up a lot of odd-man breaks and take penalties, Buffalo has a shot to be one of those teams that’s good in the next couple of years. They have a ton of talent.

Dan, let me ask you this real quick. To piggyback on what you said earlier about attendance, I see here an article from Yahoo Sports that the NHL and Gary Bettman are looking to make more rivalry games in the division with geographical matchups in a paragraph here because we like to get people the credit here from Jori Negin-shecter from Yahoo Sports.

He says here in his paragraph, “New Jersey, for example, drew 12,744 fans per game last season on average against their interstate rival New York Rangers. The Devil saw nearly a 25% increase in ticket sales averaging 15,667.” I told you the building for the Prudential Center does about 185. What do you think about them increasing rivalries? To give you some correlation. Baseball teams face each other in division 18 or 19 times or something like that. You’re division full. I heard now they’re going to reduce that. What do you think this is going to do for the NHL as far as the teams facing more?

I saw something about that and some other things. Now they’re having the winter meetings with the presidents and GMs of the teams with Gary Bettman and they’ve been floating some stuff that they may want to look into. One of them is that dumbass play end game that the NBA has and they were talking about maybe doing that and I’m like, “Why do you already have half the teams make the playoffs. If you’re not good enough to be in the top sixteen, you shouldn’t be in it.” You had the bubble year where most of the games were to the point of more rivalry games when they had the COVID thing schedule, that’s what it was.

You played a ton in your own division. You played a little bit of rest in the East and you didn’t play the West at all. The other part of that is there was talk. They were talking about the salary cap is only going to go up a mill this year for hockey. It’s 83 now. It might be 84 next year. If you get the right teams into the playoffs and they make deep runs, that will help facilitate the player’s fund or something, but the escrow thing.

That makes sense because the Rangers are a big draw like the Yankees. If they’re in the playoffs and they go far like Boston, the same way. Sorry, Chicago fans. There’s no hope in hell you making the playoffs, so you’re not going to make it. Toronto if they could get a run, you look at the original six and the fan bases of these teams, and the revenue will come if the right teams make the playoffs and go far. If you’re a Penguins fan or a Canes fan, you live here. Do you want to go the whole year without the opportunity to see McDavid play one of the best players in the NHL?

SCSP Aint No Hope In Hell | NBA Defense
NBA Defense: Rangers are a big draw just like the Yankees. If they’re in the playoffs and go far like Boston, there’s no hope in hell you’re making the playoffs.



The rivalry game, since you’re thinking adding more rivalry games will take away from some of the other games that you might get to see. You might not see McDavid as many times because you got an extra rivalry game.

It’s all in how they do it. If you leave the one-on-one with the West Coast teams home and away, and then maybe clip a couple of the other divisions like the Eastern teams instead of playing Boston or that division, you could cut those games out from there. Instead of Carolina or the Rangers playing, Buffalo or Ottawa, or Montreal, Florida. Detroit, Tampa, Toronto, maybe they only play them home and home too, and then there are other games that they would play get moved to rivalry games.

As a Penguin fan, I despise Washington, but at the same time, Ove is a hell of a player. Those games that we played, we’ve always had playoff implication games even in the playoffs playing five overtime. I remember falling asleep during the game, waking up, and it was in the fifth overtime and Petr Nedvěd scored the overtime winner in the fifth overtime.

Games or rivals like that, think about it. Would you rather watch the Rangers play Seattle or Arizona, or would you rather them play the Islanders or Philly or Carolina or Jersey? You’d rather see those games because there’s motion in those games. It’s almost like depending on what’s going on with those two teams. You have the energy.

I don’t think nobody wants to play in Arizona.

Probably not.

They’re probably getting the same amount of fans as Jersey is.

Dan, what did you say, “Ain’t no hope in hell?”

It’s not me, Dan.

We’re going to put this in perspective. They played 27 games. They’ve won seven. They’re probably going to trade Kane and Jonathan Toews. They’re not winning after that. They can’t win now. They’re minus 36 in goals 4 against. They’ve given up 100 goals already.

There’s no defense out there.

On a lighter note, I want to put this out there for anybody that’s interested and wants to watch the Winter Classic coming up on January 2nd at 2:00 PM and it’s going to be at Fenway, the Red Sox home venue. It’ll be the Penguins and the Bruins playing.


I saw the pictures of the uniforms that they were going to be wearing. It should be pretty cool. As long as it’s not hot or sunny and the ice is in good condition, it will be a good game.

The last one they did, they did in Minnesota.

They did one in Minnesota and it was cold as hell.

That one was cold. I don’t know how they did it. They did that at Target field where the Twins play at. They also did one in Nashville. My daughter went to that one.

He’s Dan K our “Hockey Dude” with hockey that brings hockey to us every Thursday. Dan, we appreciate you, sir. Thank you so much.

Just a heads up. Ranger scored, and it’s 2-1. Sing, Darrell. I’m surprised I haven’t got a text saying that.

There you go.

Harsh, brother. I’ll be quick.

Got the DA with soccer.

Football, we got a good World Cup coming up. We got Argentina and France. We have four of the top scores in the final for the Golden Boot Award. You have Mbappe and Messi both have five goals thus far. The understudies we’ll call them. Alvarez and Giroud each have four goals. It’s going to be powerful. A lot of attacking. It’s going to be an exciting game. If you don’t watch football, watch this. It should be the pageantry. It’s going to be good. France may be in for a dynasty because if they went to and see, soccer, too, is a dynasty. If you win two World Cups in a row, then it’s a dynasty.

That’s because it’s every four years.

France won the last one, and if they win this one, it shows that they have the right kids immigrating to their country because that’s essentially what it is. That will give you the politics of it.

We already said Mbappe is that dude.

He’s nice.

Messi what he did, and we talked about that.

He’s a surgeon.

It’s about the dribble and all that stuff with the ball.

He’s been doing that for a long time. Believe it or not, after the last World Cup, he was going to play no more. He was so destroyed after the last one. He said he’ll never put on the Argentina uniform again. He’s like, “I’m out. Not doing it no more.” That’s how much these games rip at your heart because you are the only team representing your country, for your people, against the rest of the world. When you get out there and it doesn’t work out, it’s soul-crushing.

SCSP Aint No Hope In Hell | NBA Defense
NBA Defense: That’s how much these games rip at your heart because you are the only team representing your country, for your people, against the rest of the world. When you get out there and it doesn’t work out, it’s soul crushing.


Messi wasn’t even going to come back. He was like, “I’m done with this. I can’t do this no more.” It was so emotionally draining for him. He’s a surgeon. Again, it’s the trust of the team and the guys trusting him. They don’t have a problem crossing the ball in front of the net now looking for the goal themselves. He’s going to be there when you do that because that’s what he does. That’s his job. His job is to score goals and to be in a position to score goals. He doesn’t necessarily have to tell you where to be. You have to know where he’s going to be and that’s the way it works. He’s a hell of a player.

Your thoughts on Brazil?

That’s a great team. Still real young. The next one might be theirs. Brazil usually has those guys that are flashy, but they have 2 or 3 guys in the midfield that are solid dudes. I don’t think they had those solid dudes in the midfield this year. They all were one team. They didn’t have a few regular guys out there. For me, I usually look at the 20 and under, 18 and under World Cup champions because those are the guys that will be playing next time around.

That’s where you draw from. Scouting, they do it in such a professional way in soccer that it’s crazy. They have it. They know what they got in their pipeline. They got the guys playing now four countries, then they have the 18 and under team, 20 and under team. They know who’s coming. Unless some catastrophic happens regarding an injury, they know the dudes that’ll be there.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we have that infrastructure just yet. The USA has it set up. They’re not as good as the others at all different levels of football. We’ll get there at some point in time. You can never count on Mr. Messi. They said there was something with 22, the numbers on the jerseys for the stars of each team they played in that year and they won the chip. He’s 22. We’ll see what happens.

He’s the DA with boxing, I’m sorry, with soccer D-Dubb. He’s going to come up shortly, but before D-Dubb comes up with boxing, let me run down college football. We’re going to do college football for about 30 seconds. We’ll do Darryl D-Dubb with boxing, and we’ll finish up with the NFL. College football is currently now in its Bowl season. The Bowl season starts with the Bahamas Bowl and you got a bunch of other stuff. You’re going to hear again kids saying they’re not going to be playing in these games because they don’t mean anything.

The Bowl season actually starts on Saturday where we have the Division I-AA playoff. Both South Dakota, South Dakota State, North Dakota, and someone else is supposed to be playing. It could be good games. Like I said, they’re evilly matched teams. It should be pretty good. If you want to watch some good football, that’s where it’s at.

The other Bowl game that everybody else is waiting for is the Fiesta Bowl, TCU number three against Michigan. Number two against Arizona up there in Glendale. You got the Peach Bowl at the, uh, Mercedes-Benz Dome in Atlanta. You got Ohio State against number one Georgia.

Home game.

There you go. That’s going to be the prelude to your national championship, and then we’ll go from there. The Bowl games have definitely changed from when I was coming through. Most of these are like DA said, why?

They’ll figure it out at some point. Real talk, we got to have a conversation about this transfer portal on this NIL. It’s so serious. Guys like college football and they like to see the drama of it all, it’s so serious. Alabama has one wide receiver on campus. They lost five and bounced. “I’m out.”

That’s what I saw too, where they said there’s going to be a lot of prominent players that you may not think are going to get into the quarter, but now they got this NIL money that they’re going to see, “What can I get?”

They said Bill O’Brien ran off a bunch of dudes in Alabama. I don’t know what the hell he said, but a bunch of dudes is leaving out of California. It’s crazy. We’re talking about 4 and 5-star dudes that were great on campuses, like, “I’m out, coach. I’m leaving.”

I can’t wait to see D on steam.

They’re going to be okay. They got it running back. That’s going to be serious.

You’re going to get a few of these people too.

Yeah, but we’ll wait and see if he can get them there. Again, all things being equal. Why not all things being equal?

I definitely agree with the transfer portal and the NIL has moved the needle and college football. We’ll see how things shake up and shakedown. The Bowl season is a different ballgame now. They’re going to expand the playoffs starting next year. I don’t have it in front of me, but they should be expanding to twelve teams. From 4 to 12, so that’s 8 more teams.

The bowl season is definitely a different ballgame now. Click To Tweet

There are six more Bowl games. The kids are at practice and not in class.

It’s for student-athletes.

If you say so.

We could have the show’s Bowl. I’m down.

Live in Charlotte.

It’s $5 more in the kitty.

There’s one in Charlotte already.

They got three in Charlotte. They got Bowl games all week.

They have it at the Mercedes Dome in Georgia. How many games have they got this 2022?

They got the Peach Bowl and then the actual championship. I look at it. I don’t have a producer in my ear yet, but I got to look stuff up. We’re getting there. Sam, what you got for me? Look that up for me real quick. We’re getting there. We’ll see. That’s college football with me and DA. D-Dubb, what you got boxing? There was some boxing going on. What you got for us, sir?

We had Terence Bud Crawford delivering a stunning KO. It was a wicked right hand. I sent you guys the video.

They got laid out.

It’s going to be real quick boxing because it’s sad. We can’t get the fight that we want. They keep on asking this man what it is. You all know what it is. Everybody, we don’t even have to talk about it. We know what the fight it is that we need to see. We want Terence Bud Crawford and Errol Spence. That’s it. That’s a fight.

Errol has to stop driving cars.

That too. He has to stop driving cars because this time a fourteen-year-old jumped out in front of him. That’s what we got. Hopefully, because these guys are in their 30s or close to it. Bud is in his 30s in his prime. This is the time when you got to make these fights because, after that, nobody wants to see it. You want to end up having Mayweather and Pacquiao.

After a while, the fights are past time. It’s important that these guys get out and start fighting one another. That’s one. He delivered a crushing right hand to this kid, David Avanesyan. It’s a good fight up until the point he got him on the head in the sixth round and took him out of an air-crushing right hand. I looked at my man Teófimo López, and he had a very lackluster controversial, split decision that he won on blue Saturday night. It was not the hype that we once saw. Sometimes we jump out the window with these guys. He has 17 or 18 wins.

It’s 18 and 1.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s still not enough body of work before we start crowning. As a boxer, he thinks he’s nice, but he still got to put together some work.

SCSP Aint No Hope In Hell | NBA Defense
NBA Defense: There’s still not enough body of work before we start crowning.


The boombox leaves the boombox.

I forgot about that. That came out with the boombox. There’s no need for the boombox because Madison Square Garden has a very good sound system.

We got a radio here. You can put the boombox down.

You don’t need it.

Why is he doing this?

It’s one of those things. He comes out with that little Heisman pose because my man won the Heisman Trophy earlier that night. Like I said, it was a lackluster performance by Teófimo. We’ll see. He’s back in the rankings as far as he’s next up for whatever championship match coming out. That’s about it. You got Jermell Charlo versus Tszyu on January 28th, and then we got my man Tank Davis verse Luis Garcia on January 7th, 2023. Those two fights are coming up.

Tank is tanking fights. You address him all about.

He’s going to clean it up and then he’s going to get out. I believe him.

Like a plan.

He’s a serious fighter. I wish that these guys take advantage and give the fights the fans want to see and that’s it. That’s all I got.

Who’s that jumping out the window? What was that kid named, D, the heavyweight kid?

The young guy, young heavyweight. He fought in the car. The heavyweight division has a lot to be desired. That’s all I can say.

He is making noise. He is that dude. I’m like, “Come on. You just be the can. You be the dude that didn’t want to be there.” He boxed the dude because the dude’s baby mother made him go out and get cigarettes and then kidnap him and took him to the garden.

We got to go.

That was Jared Anderson. That’s his name if I’m not mistaken.

A dude’s name is Big Shoe or something.

He’s an American heavyweight, but a lot to be desired, I’d say.

He’s Darrell “D-Dubb” Warren with boxing. Thank you, D, we appreciate you. We’re rounding home base here. NFL, the National Football League. The San Francisco 49ers lead the Seattle Seahawks. One of the better Thursday night games. We said that before we came on the air. It’s seven, nothing. The Niners lead with 56 seconds left in the first quarter.

We usually do our picks and predictions. I’m picking the Niners to win this game. Even though the game has started, I picked them in my picks. The Niners are the superior team. The Niners are going to keep rolling with what they got. They’re going to win this game. Seattle’s going to be here on the outside looking at the playoff race. DA, your team, what you got for us, sir?

We are the best. I’m sorry. You’re supposed to win the games and, in all sports, you win the game you’re supposed to win. I’m not saying we are supposed to win the game, but the way we’ve been rolling as of late, we can pull this off because our strengths match up with their weaknesses. They’re not a good run defense team and we’re a good running team.

By the end of the game, we’re going to probably help Mr. Purdy out and not McCaffrey and the other kid’s name. In the fourth quarter, they’ll run the ball the whole fourth quarter because Shanahan has done this before. We don’t need to pass the ball the whole quarter, but Jimmy G did pass. It can happen and don’t think it can’t happen. If we’re up and he thinks it’s shaky, that’s the way it’s going down. If you think it’s boring, turn the TV off because that’s what’s going to happen. We should win this game. I don’t think it would be too much of a problem. We do not want Tom Brady. Stop with the slander.

James Eric, do the Cardinals want Tom Brady?


I don’t know if they are probably in talks with them now. We got a car seat. We just need a better coach. As far as this game, if the Niners shoot and win this game, I would not be surprised if Seattle squeaks one out. I’ve been saying San Francis second best team in the NFC behind Philadelphia. This is a rivalry game. Everybody knows these games could go either way the Niners are the better team, but Seattle might squeak one out. If they don’t, won’t be sharp.

Dan, your thoughts on this game?

I don’t know. I pulled it up here. The three minutes that I’ve seen it was San Francisco throwing a double fake pass to the one back to the other back, and then kittle down the middle for a touchdown. The next here is that Seattle got the ball, and Geno Smith got blown up and fumbled the football. Luckily, a lineman fell on it. From what I could see so far, I like San Francisco and their defense are way too good.

They can cover up the inefficiency if there is one at quarterback by running the football and running plays as they did for a touchdown because was wide ass open. Nobody was on him. Shanahan’s genius for coming up with a game plan. He’s got enough plays in there that are safe plays for this kid that he could throw twenty passes and still win the game.

We say it on the show, young QBs that keep a pedestrian 20 to 25 throws. That’s it.

Take care of the football.

I don’t see D-Dubb. We’ll come back to you on this one.

He put it in the chat.

He did pick San Fran.

D-Dubb picks San Fran. We are messing with games now. We’re down the stretch. Pretty much three more games to go. Indianapolis faces Minnesota. There’s no need to look at this game. Minnesota should win this game. That’s Saturday. The games I’m talking about coming up now are on Saturday. Being that this college football is pretty much out of here. Indianapolis goes to Minneapolis. Minnesota should win this game. That’s on Saturday at 1:00, and the 4:30 game Saturday.

The Mikey’s Ravens are 9 to 4 and face the Cleveland Browns who are 5 and 8. Baltimore should win this game. No need to look at that game, but we’ll announce it. The game Saturday, the Miami Dolphins eight and five traveled to Western New York State to face the Buffalo Bills with 10 and 3. Let me start for myself.

For those who are saying, “The Dolphins is coming in and all that,” it’s cold for everybody. Everybody’s got to play the cold. Got to play in the snow. They’re predicting snow and cold. You got to protect the ball, run the ball. You know what division you’re playing. What, DA? You got to run the ball. You got to play some defense and don’t turn the ball over. If you do those things, you should win. I’m picking the Bills to win this game.

One thing I will say is this, everybody that plays for Miami was not born and raised in Miami.

Everybody that plays for Miami was not born and raised in Miami. Click To Tweet

There you go. Thank you.

Are you freaking stupid? There’s nobody on that team from the Northeast who went to college in the Northeast. Everybody says dumb shit. I got Miami winning this game.

Why? Real quick.

They have to. Desperation, man. They’ve lost two in a row. They lose three in a row and they’re out. Buffalo, though they won, they were not world beaters. They still are not running the ball. The number one runner is the one back. I’m not sure what everybody is seeing that has them be some juggernaut, but I’m not. I don’t agree.

D-Dubb, Bills?

What I see is that too, can I throw that ball? I’m picking the Buffalo Bills and why? It’s because what I saw is definitely not a good look for Miami coming into Buffalo and the wind, snow, rain, or the cold it is, that’s going to happen on Saturday. I’m going with Buffalo probably scoring 21 points, 21-10.

I’m saying the Bills are probably winning this game 24-13. Dolphins are having some trouble scoring. Eric, The Angry One, what you got here? Dolphins and the Bills in Orchard Park.

It’s 17-14 Miami. They’re a little flaky to me. I agree with DA Miami needs to have this game. That doesn’t mean that they’re going to win it, but that’s who I’m picking. Buffalo has seemed to be happy with the Buffalo Bill logo on the side of the helmet and thinks everybody’s supposed to be scared of them. That’s how they play. I’m judging them by how they play. You still got Josh Allen running around. He thinks he’s Superman. You handy cowboy, you might be like Hamlin. If you fail to get the Bills to the Super Bowl, you might be fired. Anyway, to all UTC fans, I’m sorry.

Dan, what have you got?

After watching Tua, there’s something wrong with his foot. He seemed that he couldn’t put weight on it. He was throwing everything high and I don’t think the cold’s going to help that much. Josh Allen might be their leading rusher, but they’re still going to win.

Thank you, Dan. We got that game out of the way here. Let’s go down the line here. We’ll go to the Sunday games. Atlanta versus New Orleans. Nobody’s checking for this game on both team. Atlanta’s 5 and 8. New Orleans is 4-0-9.

Sneeze fest. Early nap.

Dan, your Pittsburgh Steelers visit Carolina. Carolina is a game behind.

Go figure.

They had 2 seasons within 1. They fire their coach. They ship your man off to beat the Niners. Baker Mayfield gets waved and goes to LA. That’s another thing. I don’t know if he’s been reading the playbook prior to that, but no tampering rule. They’re a game behind. I don’t even know if Carolina fans are hoping.

Don’t do all shout out to Carolina. The whole division is trash, Kevin. I’m not doing that. I can’t cosign that bullshit.

They got me. They got the moderator. They said, “No, moderator. We will not. Next.”

We’re not doing this. It’s 6 and 7, 5 or 8, 4 or 9. Get out of here.

We’re supposed to be happy. Looking at him, “Shout out to Carolina. They are only half-game.”

Dan, any need to comment on your team? This is your team too.

The funny thing is the buddy I’m going to the CDL major with is a Carolina fan. He was asking me, “Who’d you got? Who do we get?” I said, “I got three answers for you. If Kenny plays, we win. If Mitch plays we lose. If Rudolph plays, we got a shot. The thing that scares me about them is they found a running game and we’ve been struggling against a run, but depending on who our quarterback is, it’s going to depend on whether we win this game or not. If Carolina runs the ball, we’re done.”

SCSP Aint No Hope In Hell | NBA Defense
NBA Defense: The thing that scares me about them is they found a running game, and we’ve been struggling against a run.


Kev, there’s a wide receiver, I forgot this article to get into it, but there’s a wide receiver that is pulling for Rudolph to start. He wants Rudolph to start.

It’s Diontae Johnson.

That’s who it was. We’ll see.

He knows the offense. It’s Christmas time.

He has been there 40 years. He should know.

It’s foggy out.

Let’s move right along. The Philadelphia Eagles 12-01 travel to Chicago to face the Chicago Bears.


We’re going to go next because that game should be nothing. Another one is Kansas City going to Houston and Kansas City should win that game. Dallas travels to Jacksonville. Dallas travels with Houston.

Don’t sleep on the gags. They beat the shit out of the Titans.

I’m scared to stop. I’m gunshot now because you all might jump on me. Dallas faces the Jaguars. The Jaguars have a great chance of winning this game but Dallas should win this game. This is my opinion.

You could take a nap on Sunday all day up until 8:20.

Lions and Jets.

I was going to say this, how could you respect the Lions?

As Lions as in Jets?

Lions, Tigers, and Bears.

Have mercy. You all can stay up. I’ll take a nap to 820 when the Giants faced Washington.

You might as well keep sleeping. I don’t know what you wake up for that. That’s when I’m going to bed.

It’s a Monday morning. You better be up Monday morning.

Shit, that Sunday game’s going to be a tie again that Sunday night.

Stop talking about my Giants. I want to see you all who you are trying to scare.

He’s mad because his team playing that Denver team.

He said you don’t have to wake up.

Did you all hear that?

“He mad because of his team,” nobody’s talking about my team. My team has been out of it since the season started. We’re talking about your team, sir. You all set up your big boy pants talking about the Giants this and that. Ever since, they’ve been moved, and I have nothing.

They’re matching two-man uniforms, Kevin D had all hats, jerseys, and shit.

They’re trying to turn it to midgets overnight.

Giants Geronimo underwear and shit on the rules. Get the thing up out here.

Do you still drink your tears out of that Giants’ cup?


I thought I saw that. The tears are in that, baby.

The Giants you hear his will.

Hold on to the lines against the Jet.

When Wonder Twin Powers activated and you decide to come to the show as Giants fans, that’s when the shit started.

Tell them, Dan.

I’m like Robert Saleh, I’m keeping receipts. The Lions travel to New Jersey Jets. Lions are 6 and 7. Jets are 7 to 6. I’m thinking that the Lions play hard. They going to win this one. The Lions should squeak this one out. This game might be the 2017 Lions. That’s what I’m pulling for. Let’s go with D-Dubb, my main man. Go ahead. Who have you got in this game, bro?

Detroit has been playing good. I don’t know. They need this win.

The Jets tee this win for real. All jokes aside.

I’m going to pick the Jets in the Squeaker because they need this one to stay afloat. They lost the last two so I’m going with the Jets.

Eric, The Angry One, the laughing one, and the funny guy, go ahead.

The Jets needs this game, but the defense of the Lions is going to stand tall. Not at the ATM, but they going to stand tall. It’s a 20 to 13-game Detroit.

Dan, who have you got?

Is the Jets’ quarterback still playing or is he still looking for his ribs?

He’s supposed to come back with the ribs.

I like Detroit in this.

Thank you. DA, who do you got, sir, or are you filling out your fantasy?

I would take Detroit, but they don’t win outside, so I got to go with the Jets. They have not won a game this year outside.

That’s not true. They beat the Giants outside.

Shots fired.

That’s two bodies we got.

You’re right. Since then all their wins have been inside. The Dolphins is playing a lot better and he knows that offense. It depends. Does the Jets get they’re running back on the street? Does he come back?

I’m not sure. He’s still hurt.

The other one. They got another dude. I’ll take Detroit because it doesn’t matter. I got Williams as one of my offense. He was the back.

Moving right along. I’m pretty sure D-Dubb would love to announce this next game, Arizona 4-9 faces Denver 3 and 10. We’re going to move right along on that one.

Fast forward, please.

They both lose.

New England travels to Las Vegas. New England, 7 and 6. Las Vegas is 5 and 8. Las Vegas is out of it. New England might have a slight chance. This is a good game here. Tennessee fight for their players’ lives, 7 and 6. The LA Chargers are 7 and 6. That’s a 4-25 game. I’ll start with E on this one since he used to be in Cashville. Who have you got, Tennessee or the Chargers?

Tennessee looks bad last time. We don’t know it’s a week-to-week thing here, but the Chargers are starting to find a groove. I’m picking the LA Charges in this one at home.

I appreciate it. DA, who you got, Chargers?

Are they playing in Tennessee?

No. They game me in LA.

The Chargers, everybody’s healthy. There’s that much us other than that. Mike Williams is good. Other dudes are good. They’re good.

Dan, who you got, sir?

I’m going to go with the Chargers. They look pretty good last time. Mike Williams looks good. It looks like Herbert’s getting back to being healthy again. Throwing the ball well, so I’m going to go with the Chargers.

D-Dubb, who you got, sir?

I’m going with the Chargers. They got to stay afloat man. They got to get to 8 and 6 and at least stay afloat to compete because everybody else is still on the outside looking in if I’m not mistaken. It’s a lot of teams that same record at this point. They’re 7 to 6. Tennessee is 7 and 6. You got a lot of teams hovering around. It should start shaking out here shortly. I’m going to go with the Chargers to get this win.

In the next game on top, the 9 and 4 Cincinnati Bengals faced the first-place Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6th and 7th. We got to talk about it because Tampa Bay’s in the first place but Cincinnati is going to get Tampa Bay. The nine is made, and the Bucs look real bad last time. Go ahead on this game, D-Dubb.

In this game, I got Cincinnati. Cincinnati’s already on a five-game winning street. Memphis is six. Cincinnati is hitting a stride and they’re hitting it at the right time. They’re looking to take over that AFC North Division. I got Cincinnati winning this game. They’re a better team. Tampa is a good team, but they don’t have it together. I don’t know who’s going to get the blame between Tom Brady or Tebow.

You know who’s going to get that blame. You already know.

That team was not supposed to look like this. This is 6 and 7. It’s not supposed to look like this for that Tampa Bay team.

They win first place.

By default.

Somebody has to be in the first place.

Atlanta gives them an early Christmas give. Atlanta was supposed to be challenging them and they fell flat on their face up.

They mess around. Tampa loses and Carolina wins. We got a tie.

What are we talking about?

Carolina has the tiebreak already because they beat them already if I’m not mistaken.

Carolina fans shout back at me, get in the comments. Are you all happy about this?

Shout out to the coach. He’s got him playing well.

As I said, they have 2 seasons within 2 seasons within a season.

There’s a lot of adversity during this time for them.

We all commented on that one. The Monday night game is the LA Rams because the Green Bay Packers have no need to talk about that. They should have probably flexed that game, but they didn’t. Needless to say, the last game we’ll talk about here is the New York Football Giants traveling down to Landover, Maryland. FedEx fails to face the also 7, 5, and 1 Washington Commanders. The Giants need this game. The Giants got holes.

They got wax, whatever you want to call it against the best football team in the NFL. Jalen Hurts is the MVP. I said it, I don’t want to hear anything, please. With that said, the Giants need this game. I’m a realistic Giants fan. All jokes aside, I don’t have on Giants gear. Gavin Yankee gear. I had fan habits right away to start the show. You all probably saying, “Whatever,” but it’s true.

If the Giants were to lose the rest of their games, it was a successful season anyway because the coach got them playing hard and we’ll see. I would love to make the playoffs and if we get Wax in the playoffs, that’s the experience for this team and then we’ll go from there. D-Dubb, my prediction, the Giants are going to win this game 20 to 14. That’s what I’m thinking. D-Dubb, what you got there?

If the Giants were to lose the rest of their games, it would still be a successful season because the coach got them playing hard. Click To Tweet

I do not have my under rules on. In the last four games, the Giants have lost, lost, tied, and lost. It’s going to continue. They will lose on Sunday night to the Washington Commanders. Even though they tied with Washington last time, it could go either way. I’m taking Washington at home.

DA, what you got?

I would take the Giants. Unfortunately, you guys are a one-trick punk and everybody knows the damn trick. His name is Saquon. If you all can throw the ball a little bit to any receiver, I would give you all the winning chance. They know what you’re doing and they got the defensive line to stop it. If you do something else, that’s what you do.

Faced them the last time. You’re right. Dan, what have you got on this game? This is our last game.

This is going to be torture.

Dan is saying, “Take Melatonin the whole afternoon.”

I’m thinking they tied the last time they played. Washington’s got an extra week off to prepare for them.

Dan said, “Put it in your cereal.”

This could be another waste of two hours and a tie.

I hope not. Ain’t No Hope in Hell. No, please.

For Mikey’s sake, I’m going with a tie.

There you go. Anarchy.

It might be the first time ever that two teams tied each other twice.

I will cash $25 to Dan if this game is tied. You all heard it right here. Go ahead, Eric.

Do the stupid does.

What you got?

I got Washington. Like I said the last time, it’s a tipping point. When you all first met, Washington was trending upward and you all were trending downward. That has not changed. It’s not going to be a blowout or anything like that. The Giants will be in this game. However, that front four for Washington has been playing well for a good, consistent last couple of weeks, if not the whole season. That will carry over, so I will be picking Washington.

I appreciate that. That’s out. I appreciate all of you guys. Thank you. This has been very fun. Shout out to my main man, Marlon. He says, “Giants get to win all year.”

I don’t see it.

I hope so.

The Giants have yet to win a game in the division, 0, 3, and 1. I’m not saying it in your ear, but at least I try to pull some stuff up here.

Thank you, E.

No problem.

I’m trying to give you the truth.

0, 3, and 1 in the division.

Like you said, not to be funny, but in all reality, the year is still a victory for the Giants.

For victory, we need to work with some days. We want to see if we’re going to keep the quarterback, but that’s yet to be determined down the stretch, down when the season ends, whenever the Giants’ season ends and we’ll go from there. Draft picks and all that stuff. Party shots. We’ll get to the end of the show where we share our thoughts about what’s going on maybe in life or whatever. You got some positive to say? We’ll start D-Dubb. Your party shots, what you got? Anything?

It’s a good show. I appreciate it all. I appreciate the support. What was the support? Please like, subscribe, share, drop us a comment, love it, hate it, whatever they may be. Kudos to Ryan for joining us. Shoutouts to the Silas family. Paul Silas passed away as an NBA legend and a coach. Shoutouts to him and his family. He’s a great coach. That’s about it. That’s all I got.

The Angry One, party shots. What have you got?

It’s a great show as always this Thursday evening. Shout out to Ryan for the NBA talk. We appreciate you. Shout out to Marlon and the comments on YouTube. We appreciate your back and forth with us. I appreciate everybody reading. Mike Mills, we miss you. We hope you are enjoying it. I appreciate everybody on the panel. Another great show. I got nothing too heavy, man. As always, take care of each other. Every man, fellow man, one man, and child-man, look after one another. Make this thing a better place.

No doubt.

DA, what you got there, sir?

Thanks, Ryan. Thanks, Dan. Thank the whole crew. It’s always educational. It’s always fun. Please like, subscribe, ring the bell, and get notifications. Take care of yourselves. If you’re in the North to the Midwest, be careful with the snow because it’s real. Drive safely. That’s about it. Enjoy.

Dan, because D-Dubb is starting trouble.

Put your glasses on.

Thanks to Ryan for coming on. I appreciate you, guys. It’s a great show. All those out there reading, if you like what you see, share it with a friend. Everybody be good. Take care.

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As always, I love coming through with the NBA stuff. My main man, Marlon, happy birthday, coming through in the comments on YouTube. I appreciate you. If you want to be a super fan, we got away with this. If you want your fifteen minutes of fame to come through, come holler us and come on the panel, talk about whatever sports you want. We’ll allot that time for you, and you’ll be the super fan for the night.

We had a couple of people come through. We had big Mike, and a man as well he came through. A lot of big things. We love sports in the show. I’ll tell you this for a minute. It’s therapeutic. I love it. Just talking about stuff between the lines. There’s What Grinds Your Gears Segment. Dorian sometimes has some stuff that grinds his gears.

Even though he blurs it out from time to time, we going to give him his own segment where he says, “DA, what’s grinding your gears tonight?” He’ll let it loose. He lets it loose anyway, but he does. It’s a great show as always. These guys here are the best. None of this is scripted. Like I said, Sammy’s not in my ear talking, none of that stuff. This is pure stuff when it comes to sports. These guys were funny when the under-rules game.

We got to get enough money to hire Kennedy. We got to hire her father.

Shout to my niece.

Do the negotiations and see what we can do.

We ended the show jacked up last time. My apologies. That was on me. I have fixed that. I got the introduction at the end and so forth. That’s why we need you all to support us. We’re trying to do some bigger and better things. On behalf of myself, I’m Kevin Warren your host and moderator, Darrell “D-Dubb” Warren, Dan K “The Hockey Dude,” James, “The Angry One” Warren, my man Dorian, “The DA” Albritton, and in his absence, Mike Mills. You all be good. Be blessed. We’ll see you all on Monday, the fourth and short. You all have a great rest of the week. Take care.


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