Read A Book, Look It Up

SCSC | NHL Season

The Chasers, along with Dan K. “The Hockey Guy,” discuss the NHL trading deadline, the movers and shakers, the contenders, and pretenders with twenty games to go in the NHL season. The NCAA Men’s tournament and the NBA’s Power 10 rankings. MLB new DH rule, and ghost runners when extra innings begin. Plus, all MLB […]

Aint No Hope In Hell

SCSP Aint No Hope In Hell | NBA Defense

  Episode 152: The Chasers, along with their NBA correspondent Ryan DeSouza, talks NBA defense and the new NBA award names paying homage to NBA Greats. Dan, “The Hockey Dude,” talks about NHL Power Rankings along with NHL and hockey hot news topics. “DA” talks about the World Cup 2022 and the Finals between France […]

It’s Spooky Outside

SCSP 151| Baseball Free Agency

The “Chasers” talk MLB Baseball Free Agency, Aaron Judge signing back with the Yankees, and other signings. MLB is possibly tinkering with baseballs, according to a scientist who collected over two hundred balls this past 2022 season. Dan K’s “The Hockey Dude” talks about NHL and the Power NHL teams. The “DA” talks about FIFA […]

In G.O.A.T. We Trust

SCSP 73 | Hank Aaron

Episode 73: The “Chasers” talk about Hank Aaron and his legacy. The NFL Division Playoff matches this past week. NBA, baseball, and MMA. — Listen to the podcast here In G.O.A.T. We Trust In this episode, we’re going to talk about the NFL Divisional round. A lot of things are going on. The Bills got […]

Stands Tall At The A.T.M.

SCSP | NBA Finals

The Chasers talk on the NBA Finals, NFL Week 4, MLB Playoffs, and NHL Draft, Plus very funny moments this week. — Listen to the podcast Stands Tall At The A.T.M. In this episode, I was requested to start with the NBA Finals. Miami’s in a hole against the Lakers. They’re down 3 to 1. […]