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In this episode, I was requested to start with the NBA Finals. Miami’s in a hole against the Lakers. They’re down 3 to 1. Shout-out to the Seattle Storm. Sue Bird wins her title with the Seattle franchise for the WNBA. We’ll also talk about the NFL. There were a lot of things going on. Bill O’Brien is going as the Texan’s head coach. We’ll also talk about the MLB players, The Yankees in Tampa Bay ties. Also, the series of Game 3. We haven’t talked about college football so we’ll talk about that a little bit. There’s been a COVID outbreak in the NFL too. The NFL’s going to pause the season. I probably doubt it. With that said, we’re going to join the crew. We’re going to dive right into the NBA Finals. The NBA is nearing the end of its season in October 2020, which started in November 2020 when the Los Angeles Lakers find themselves up 3 games to 1 against the Miami Heat. The game was pretty close but down near the end of the stretch or the end of the game, Anthony Davis provided a lot of offense. Jimmy Butler and the boys couldn’t pull it through. The Lakers find themselves up 3 to 1. LeBron is embarking on getting his 4th championship and his 3rd with individual franchises along with Miami and Cleveland. We will see how this goes down in the books. We’ll start with our NBA correspondent, Mike Mills. He will start with this. We got other things, including the ratings for the NBA and how it’s being affected. Mike Mills, go ahead. What do you think about the series in basketball and its entirety? Let’s start with game one. That was an anomaly. Nobody thought the Lakers would come out shooting like that because they’re not a good three-point shooting team. People have seen that first game and thought it was over, which is crazy to me because if you watch basketball, you know that nobody could keep that pace shooting like that. That is impossible. They’re not the Warriors. Curry and Klay are not in the locker room waiting in the tunnel.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: Nobody thought the Lakers would come out shooting because they are not a good three-point shooting team.
Injuries to Bam and the Dragic set the whole series on his ear. The Lakers are up 3 and 1. Looking like LeBron is going to cry his way to another championship because as we saw in the last round, they wrote a letter to the officials and the NBA complaining that LeBron doesn’t get the calls but he’s supposed to. I feel like he gets more than enough calls but that’s another topic. Jimmy gave us a historic performance in Game 3. The series should be 2-2. This is another shout-out to adjustments because they stopped running that zone. Why would you run a zone on a team? If they smoked you out of the game, why would you come out of Game 2 in it? Otherwise, the series is looking like that. Mike, why do you think nobody’s watching The Finals? What’s up? Be real. LeBron fatigue. That’s one. He took a year off. Game 1 did it because after you see it, you are like, “Am I going to watch this again? Everybody hurt.” The other reason is I feel like the scheduling is. They got everybody used to have a game a day or a game every other day. Now they put 2 and 3 days in between and try to drag the season like, “It’s October. End the season already. What are you all doing? I want to see the draft. I want to see free agency” It’s enough of this bubble and playoffs. I took three months off. Everybody got healthy. They had a fresh look. It’s like it is what it is. I’m glad that you said that about them not playing every day. Shout-out to Major League Baseball. We all know that everyone on this panel, including myself, has gotten our man, Fred, for not doing what he’s supposed to do but he got this playoff thing right. I’m seeing the Yankees. They’re playing Game 3 already. There’s no in-between. Nobody got to travel. They’re playing in regionalized at every stadium, every day. Why do you need the day off? I like the pace that they moving but not the three-game first rounds. To counter what you were saying about the NBA, they got to the finals. Not every man stretching out like you do as they would be for a regular season. We will get to D-Dubb. He has a lot to say. You have the floor. Go right ahead. LeBron’s fatigue is one of the things. He’s a great player. I don’t have to say any more about him. I don’t have to say anything about what he does. He opened up a school. We already know he’s a great player. However, you do not only fatigued with this guy, when there’s nobody else challenging this guy but it also becomes like nobody else to step up to take the mantle or even that’s close to it. You don’t see it. That’s one. Two, this whole politics thing, the political aspect of it seems to be diving into the sport of basketball and most of the sports because that’s the platform but everybody doesn’t have that type of platform. We all take possession of this game. We call it our game. Some of us use this game to escape different things. Somebody wants to tell me, “It is always been politics and sports.” No, it has been politics in the game but not to this level or degree where it is inundated. You’re force-feeding me this narrative that you want. That’s why you are turning a lot of people off. Thoroughly, the product of the game is when LeBron James in particular, runs up and down the floor, bullies his way and nothing called. You watch James harder take 2, 3, 4 steps and that’s okay going to the basket. It is a bad product. It’s not the same. We spoke on defense. Some people were okay with seeing 45 or 45.5, not 75 or 85.5. It is no defense. None of that stuff. There has been politics in NBA, but not to this level. It is now inundated and force-fed to everyone, turning a lot of people off. Click To Tweet Mike, would you agree that they played defense? Miami played defense every night. The Lakers pick and choose when they want to play defense. The Lakers pick and choose. If the Lakers play defense for four quarters, they’d be the best defensive team in the league. It’s from the spot. You watch when they play defense. Sunday’s game was pretty a good game when Jimmy went off for 40. That was a good game. A lot is going on there. Friday night’s game was 6.9 for game two on a Friday night with nothing else going on. There are no other sports going on. Baseball has been beaten by the NBA. That goes to tell me that all this social justice stuff and all this other stuff that’s going on is taking an effect on the game because baseball is doing better than basketball. That wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. As the matter of fact, they got 30 million views in Toronto. It’s a huge drop-off.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: Social injustice is taking an effect on the NBA. Baseball is now doing better than basketball.
Let me read something from Darren Rovell. He’s an NBA insider. He says in the tweet, “NBA Finals being in at due to the fact that an NBA Finals game without a crowd is not a great product. Combine that with increased court cutting and even more options, the NBA’s position on politics and race has very little to do with fit.” D-Dubb, you said something about politics. Would you like to counter Mr. Rovell’s take on it? I don’t think he has a clue. He says politics and racism have nothing to do with it. I disagree. I don’t think nobody wants to be inundated with the political position. People know what your political position is so a lot of people won’t come back to it or watch you. When these guys got going to have to start selling tickets again, we’ll see the same energy continues. Eric, your view on the NBA Finals? I would love to see Miami win this joint. It’s not over. It’s 3 and 1. Everybody’s already counting them out. I’m going to take it a game at a time. I’m not intrigued. Why am I not intrigued? Partly it’s because of LeBron James and the Lakers’ fatigue. In certain sports, the NFL does it too with the Cowboys. When you try to make a team better than what it is by always talking about them, “They’re going to do this or that,” it gets crazy. I had a discussion with one of my people and they said, “Golden State was winning all the time.” There’s a difference because Golden State played offense and defense. They passed the ball. They get all of their players involved. Draymond Green doesn’t shoot well like the splash brothers or anything like that but when they’re all collected together, he plays his ass off and goes to work like everybody else on that team. You didn’t say that about San Antonio. It’s the same thing. They’re well-coached and well-organized in offense and defense. Everybody else has always won away. Mike touched on how the Lakers could be a top 5 or 3 or number 1 defense in the league if they choose to effort but they don’t choose to. It is what it is. Hopefully, Miami can do something but it is not looking good. I’m going to take it day by day. We’ll see how it is. As far as viewership, it’s all of these factors that everybody talked about. I don’t think it’s one particular factor. It’s fatigue and the product itself. Politics has stirred the pot. “We needed this. I turned it on. You are telling me I need 75, 85 or 90 points after 3 quarters. You do not go to tell me that I need something and it’s absolute trash when you present it to me. We don’t do that. We don’t like those.” Look at baseball. Baseball is flourishing. They adapted to what they had going on. They cut the season short. They played every night and got it up out of here. It’s that simple. NFLs rolling right along, even though we’ll talk about that later. The NBA has to look at its product first and foremost, in my opinion. This politics and all this other stuff is always going to be there. For some people, it seems like it’s in their faces. I get that but it’s not going to be like this in the years after. This is all kind of a culmination of everything that has been placed so far in 2020. Baseball is flourishing because they have adapted to what they had going on. They cut the season short and played every night. Click To Tweet It’s a perfect storm. This 2020 has engulfed this thing. There are a lot of factors to it but The Finals is not the best for me. I don’t think there’s an NBA scene where Milwaukee was going to get knocked off and the Clippers were going to get knocked off in the fashion in which they did. I can’t even remember the last time we had a 1 to 5 matchup to get to the finals. NBA fans are different from college fans because in college, you would love to see the underdog make it and they’ll root for them and watch them. You don’t know them but you’ll still get to learn them because you’re rooting for them every round. We don’t have that in the NBA. The injuries play a part in it too. You got two of your starters down in Miami against LeBron, Duress and everything else, how they officiate the game. It’s a ref. Shout-out to AD because AD has been playing 3 out of 4 games. He’s been playing offense and defense. I’ll give him that. The series is not good. It’s not a good product, whether folks would like to believe it or not, it’s not. The proof is in the pudding by your viewership. I don’t hate LeBron. I hate the dudes that love LeBron because they make this crap possible. They make these plays and things you see on the court that he does good and bad because for me as a dad, I don’t like the fact that one of the biggest stars in the game, whenever he gets fouled, he jumps up and down like a chick.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: LeBron’s fans are the ones pushing him to do what he does on court, both good and bad.
He could talk to the rest but he’s running back down the court. LeBron stays talking to the ref with those conversations. It’s not something we should show our kids because if you’re doing that, then the kids likely will do that and then everybody’s talking back to the refs and it’s all for not at that point in time. Two, as far as the politics thing, it isn’t going to be like this next time. It’s the perfect storm. There are going to be a lot of changes based on what we saw because the league lost a great opportunity while they had these folks still harping on LeBron. There’s nothing wrong with that. They should have started to run with Spida from the Jazz and move that stuff in the next years because the young guns are here. Man for man, I would take Denver over the Lakers if we got all these guys at a point of maturity at the same age and the same level of maturity. That’s a very young team and the Miami Heat has a very young team. Not to mention, the Golden State Warriors coming back full throttle next season. They got the number 2 or 3 pick. James Wiseman. They’re going to be a problem. Golden State is going to be a hellacious problem. You might enjoy this one because this is a breeze for you, LeBron. You got to mention you got Brooklyn and crazy Kyrie coming back. Also, KD. Even with Golden State man, Wiggins is balling. You get that team of Wiggins and Wiseman. You may as well cut the TV off because that’s going to be a real-life problem. You guys are a hypocrite because you’re saying that this season is the asterisk. It’s supposed to have an asterisk because the year has an asterisk. Everything in 2020 has an asterisk. 2020 is not the same. What makes you think it shouldn’t if the year itself is different from any other year that we’ve experienced on this planet? If the Yankees win the World Series, I want to hear that same energy. They can have asterisks and win the World Series. It can happen, whoever wins in a trial in Tampa Bay. This is us talking about asterisks. The people that get the rings don’t care about the asterisks. They got the ring and the bonus check that came up winning the championship. That’s what the truth is. Even in the NFL, if the season goes the way it goes, eighteen weeks and they have a Super Bowl when they’re supposed to have a Super Bowl and someone wins it, that team gets an asterisk too because maybe you play the team that had 8 or 9 players object to playing this year and didn’t play. You got to win because you beat the Patriots but the Patriots had 9 guys and 7 starters on defense not playing. It’s asterisked. It’s not a problem. I don’t have a problem with an asterisk. I don’t have a problem with going with the asterisks for Barry Lamar Bonds. Give it to him. Put him in the Hall of Fame and think he took steroids. I don’t care but he’s in there. It’s all about doing the right thing in the end. I don’t think this season was right. I don’t think they should have started it or played it because there was no reason to. I agree with the other brothers that didn’t play either for family reasons or to say, “We’re taking the eye off the prize. Let’s get this money with these players. We don’t have to play. Let’s do some other things and let the world see that we are not just basketball players. We’re not playing this season and we’re going to build this and do that. We’re going to have to ride along with the police and do different things to pull this country together.” Those dudes on the whole missed that opportunity. The reason they missed that opportunity was that when they were in the room and Kyrie was on one side saying to do that, the people on TV were calling Kyrie crazy. They had on the other side of LeBron saying, “We need to play,” so the dude played. The point is that you didn’t have to play. What did you lose by playing? No one’s going to be able to count that for a series that didn’t mean much and is not a historic season like when Kobe beats Paul Pierce or when Detroit beat them. This is not one of those series when you’ll go back in history and talk about it. That’s the asterisk. We got to look at that as individuals and say, “Did we lose the opportunity as people to move forward by taking some other steps and taking the bold step, which is to not play at all and move forward in doing things?” If you say you want to help as far as relations and what’s going on, you guys had a great opportunity. A bunch of millionaires says, “Playing the game doesn’t matter.” Lift every voice and sing, “Don’t matter.” The Black Lives matter on the court. It doesn’t matter man but it had you all stop. It took a moment. Get that White man out your ear and make some moves on your own. Who knows what could have happened if every NBA player with a few million dollars opened up their school, center or something but you wanted to play? The Black Lives Matter doesn’t matter on the basketball court. Who knows what could have happened if ever NBA player with a few million dollars opened up their own school or center. Click To Tweet Kyrie had a point. Have a season that doesn’t matter to anybody. That’s the problem. You guys did this for the season that doesn’t matter to any basketball aficionados. If you loved him, you would want him to go out and make some moves. You would tell him to go out and make some moves rather than playing the game and status quo. It’s the last thing I’m going to say for any of those players. Even if you’re doing great things in your community, we don’t know it because you’re playing a game. DA has spoken. He hit out the park. That was some good stuff that you got and some good golden nuggets. You hit us with NBA. We’re going to end the NBA segment on that note. Shout-out to the Seattle Storm. They won their fourth WNBA championship. Shout-out to her Sue Bird. She’s a great player. Anything on the WNBA? Sue Bird is nice for real. All those girls from Connecticut can ball. I’m not saying the NBA needs to make it a welfare league and do anything for them but I believe the owner of the WNBA teams has to come together with a more salient plan to go forward and make money for these young ladies like if the girl sits out because she gets sick or has Lyme disease and you got no money to pay this young lady after she patched the stands for you. Kyrie Irving had to come out of his pocket and pay her for a year. Stop. That’s on ownership and I’m out. Diana Taurasi is still the best in the game. We’re going to move on to the football. Shout-out the Sue Bird. Congratulations. I don’t care where you play four championships. It’s hard to get. We’re going to move right along to the National Football League. Week four wrapped up. There are a couple of games we’re going to talk about but we’re not going to talk about all of them. We’re going to start with America’s team, Dak Prescott through the ball 57 times and they lost. I need cowboy fans to straight miss me at the beginning of the season from now until I die. Every season you hit me in the head with what you going to do before the season starts. You all can start missing me with this because there’s something cursed with your team. You get a new coach, the running back killer. You are bringing the coach that doesn’t use running backs. In every game, you can’t do this. You give $1,000 and then try to come back every game.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: The Dallas Cowboys got a running back killer coach. That’s putting a curse on the team.
Let me give you the stats. Dak Prescott through 41 for 58, 502 yards, 4 TVDs and 1 interception. Zeke ran the ball 12 times, 54 carries for a 4.5 average. At the end of the year, we going to use these numbers to justify Dak’s paycheck that he didn’t go to get because they’re going to say, “You didn’t win.” They’re going to franchise him another year and then he’s going to bounce. That’s not a good recipe for winning in this league. You can’t pass away to it. The defense that you brought all those guys in sucks. They can tackle no one. Alden Smith is my old man from the 49ers. He’s 76 years old. He smokes weed out of easy water. That’s how old he is. He doesn’t even smoke blunts. The only dude out there trying to blow. Adel goes around and everybody else is standing there watching the old man fall on the ground like he’s some crap. Mike McCarthy is going to be gone. If this continues, he’s going to be one and done. I know we talk about one and done. They think this was terrible and they had to pass. What are you talking about? The defense wasn’t bad and they had Jason Garrett. It wasn’t that awful. It was okay. It was decent. It should have got you to the playoffs. If not, the Super Bowl. All serious, Ezekiel Elliott ran the ball twelve times. That is not enough for an all-pro running back. You are going to waste his talent because he’s not running. When it was time to pack up and leave, he got paid. When he’s like, “You all not using me,” he’s going to be good enough to go somewhere else and run. Who wants to run the ball? Dak Prescott is playing from behind. He gets down to 41 or 58. They going to do him as they did to DeMarco Murray, the running back when he went to Tennessee. They used him up, used him, didn’t want to pay him and sent them all a package.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: Zeke Elliot ran the ball 12 times, which is not enough for a pro running back. His talents are wasted if he’s not running.
That boy had 340 carries that year. They abused him. It’s like he was in Alabama. They still didn’t win, no here nor there. The saving grace, the Cowboys got the Giants. That game ends in time, knowing this team. Both of these teams can tell. Mike Mills, I give you credit but the credit is due. You said that Mike McCarthy is a running back killer. What are your thoughts? You said about the cowboys throwing the ball 48 times. That didn’t through the ball almost the same amount of times. Your thoughts? First off, let me clear my comments to DeMarco Murray. It wasn’t 330. It was 392 carries that season. $392 is a lot to count if it’s in singles and 1,845 yards. That boy was never the same after that. He went to Tennessee and then did nothing. First off, I’ll talk about these cowboys. They looked good in week one against the Rams but that’s looking more flawed than anything because they have been horrible. Dak Prescott stole the ball way too much for somebody on a franchise tag. There’s no way you’re going to tell me, “We are not going to finish a contract yet. We’ll work on that later.” You got me throwing the ball 50 times. I’d have been like, “We had number 30. You might want to start calling some of these running plays.” Anything after 40 is overtime. I’m going to need you to cut the check. There’s no way my future’s not secure and I’m throwing the ball almost 60 times again. I should never throw the ball 60 times again. Did we come out down 30? Did we start the game down 30? Is that what you telling me? Did they run up the score? Is LeBron on the other side? They’re blowing the whistle. What’s going on? When your homeboy goes for a blonde and got the big joke, that’s exactly what happened. They going out there for double middle with a joke on Eastside. Somebody’s going to cancel the other one out. The Cowboys are horrible. Mike McCarthy was preaching all off-season, “I’ve changed. I’ve seen the errors of my ways. I believe in analytics.” I didn’t know that’s how you got a job because I’ll go send out a highlight tape from the show and tell them, “I believe in analytics. Let me get a general manager job.” He spent the night at Jerry’s house. He might jack his way in. Got you. The last statement, the Cowboys are horrendous. That division is horrendous because even that 1 in 3, the niggas are number 2. They should beat in the cellar. Eric, you’ve been quiet on the Cowboys. Go ahead. There isn’t anything for me to say. They suck. The only good thing going for the Dallas Cowboys is Dak Prescott. I will be shocked if the boy’s arm does not fall off by week eight at the rate that they’re going. This man is through 58 times. He completed 41 through for 502 and 4 touchdowns. Are people going to look at that one pick at the end of the game, “See? That’s why we can’t pay Dak.” You can’t do Dak like that. The reasons for their losses do not fall on Dak whatsoever. Whoever the offensive and defensive coordinator needs to get fired because they are doing a horrible job worse than the players on the field.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: The only good thing going for the Dallas Cowboys is Dak Prescott. It will be shocking if his arm doesn’t fall off by Week Eight.
I have no hashtags this time but it would’ve been #GetMcCarthyOutOfHere. I know Aaron Rods is laying back thanking God every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday because Mike McCarthy’s not his coach anymore. He has a running back. Think about that. You all say the Giants play the Cowboys. I’m looking for Danny Downs to at least throw 336. Eli Daniel man in the third. He is going to play horribly. He got the Philip Rivers trait. You’re supposed to dominate, go out there and throw up. If the Cowboys don’t win this game, you know that this is the same wrong with the scene. They’re not going to win anything else if they don’t beat the Giants. Let’s move on to the next game which was one of my favorite games. Buffalo Bills went to Las Vegas to play the Raiders. The Bills balled out. They went out to Las Vegas and beat the Las Vegas Raiders 30 to 23. Josh Alle was 2434, 288 and 2 TDs. He didn’t throw an interception. Singletary was running. Everybody on this panel said it. The Bills are going to be a problem. We’ll start with Eric. What’d you think about the Bills game and playing the Raiders? Chucky, aka, Jon Gruden got them a voice. At least they are playing and being competitive every week. As a fan of the sport, that’s all I ask. Have your guys ready every week. First and foremost, I appreciate you, Las Vegas. New England is the cream of the crop of that division but Buffalo is right there. If they play like they’re supposed to play every week, I don’t know who the offensive coordinator is and I don’t have it right off hand for Buffalo but it seemed like they’ve called the right plays at the right time. They’ve made the right moves with their personnel, getting stuff on digs and giving Josh Allen a deep threat, another shorthanded threat. You got the running game. There’s something to the other team that we talked about in the last panel. I don’t know why they don’t use their running backs but that’s a whole other story. If Buffalo keep it up, they going to put themselves right in the thick of things in the AFC. They’re looking quite good. Buffalo is doing what they doing. The first time, they’ve been 4 and 0 since 2008. Josh Allen is playing very well, 24/34, 288, 2 TDs and no new picks. That’s what you like to see from your quarterbacks. No INTs, Stefon Diggs catch 6 receptions and 115 yards. These guys are playing very well. Shout-out to the Raiders. They are playing good ball too. They tune too. Buffalo passed the test on the teams that they should beat. As the season continues, they’re going to have a couple of other bigger tests that they need to pass. They fall over. They’re in the driver’s seat. This whole COVID thing is tearing up the NFL. The players are going to have some type of bubble mentality so they could slow down the spread of COVID if that’s possible. COVID-19 is tearing up the NFL. Players need to adapt a bubble mentality to slow the spread of the virus. Click To Tweet DA, what do you think about the Bills and the Las Vegas game? It’s a great game. Both teams are good. Being built the right way inside out, good offensive line, good defensive lines, young quarterbacks that don’t have to pay a whole lot of money so that they can pay everybody else and get a chance at that pot at the end of the rainbow. I like the way they play. Leslie Frazier’s a heck of a defensive coordinator. You’re talking about a team that has no real known big-name guys that shuts it down every week. I like both teams that play hard for their coaches. As he said, “I can’t answer for anything else for you to turn the TV on to watch a football game.” I’m with good games. Mike Mills, Las Vegas and Buffalo? DA took the words right in my mouth. I read an article about Leslie Frazier. Shout-out to Leslie Frazier for doing the right way for a long time. For the next four weeks the Bills have, the Tennessee COVID spreaders, Kansas City Chiefs, got the Jets with some to wash and the Patriots. It tells us where the Bills are standing. The Patriots are the top teams in the AFC in general, because they are the top two in the AFC East, regardless. What are the rest of them doing? This game showed what I’ve been saying about throwing that ball. He almost threw himself into some trouble at the end. He had to save himself and get out of it. You got to be careful throwing that ball with these leagues. It’s the third quarter. You are still up. You don’t want to get sluggish and repetitive but you got to mix it up. You don’t want to give the other team a chance to come back either. The best way to do that is to control the clock. You need to be careful throwing the ball in the NFL. Mix it up in the third quarter and don’t give the other team a chance to come back by controlling the clock. Click To Tweet I’m glad to see he’s under 40. I wish it was 30 but 34 is cool. Singletary needs to be a little more effective on his rushes. Most 18 to 55, that’s no boyer. Other than that, they need to be careful. They are still a young team, quarterback but they’ve been looking good. I want to see what they do or even if they play because they’re scheduled. They are still in quarantine or whatever they do. With that said, Buffalo is playing well. Both teams are playing hard for the coaches. Shout-out to Leslie Frazier for making it happen on the defensive side of the ball. Let’s move right along to DA’s team. The San Francisco 49ers hosted the Philadelphia Eagles and the Eagles came in and got their stuff together. They won the game, 25 to 20. DA, this is your team. Start off. What do you think about your team losing to the Eagles? This season’s a watch. I’m a realist. I played this game. The reality is that we don’t have a quarterback and he’s not even the big loss. We lost guys on the defensive line. We got dudes in our defensive back. Mostert and Jimmy got back to practice. I didn’t see my man playing for South Carolina. I’m being honest. We’re going to have that San Antonio type of thing going where you’re a good team, you have a bad season because of injuries and then when the draft comes, we can grab a stray nugget. As we are sitting in the last place of the AFC West because we lost to the Cardinals, we’re 2 and 2 and they’re 2 and 2 but my 2 and 2 means more because at the end of the year as fellas, we will be coming back with another defensive style. We’re looking for our Patrick Willis and we’ll get him in the draft. There you go. The game with the Eagles and 49ers, one of our back stills around here. He had 193 yards throwing the ball. He had a TV and an INT. The Bagman playing against the team with no defense. The NFL is hilarious with the hypocrisy. It’s crazy. You get this cat in this bag after a year. He would’ve been the MVP had he stayed healthy. You’re saying he didn’t stay healthy and you still gave him the bag? The crap out of here. He doesn’t do that for anybody else. For those that don’t know, if you haven’t been following this show, we’re going to have the bag stealer of the week. Carson once has been on our bag stealer for several weeks. I got a new one. Carson does not reflect the money that he’s being paid to play this game. Until he does that, he’s stealing. What do you think about this game? To me, it came down to turnovers. You got a lot of guys up but next man up. It was still a close game and Carson went still in the bag. I don’t care what nobody says. When you turn the ball over three times and you only get the ball once, 9 times out of 10, you are going lose that game. He stands tall in his pocket. Look at the stats of this game. Philly does nothing great. They only had 267 yards total. What does that tell me? The defense did what they had to do in opportune moments to get that ball and the offense took care of short field position. That’s what happened in this game. There’s nothing more and nothing less. This game does not move me. They won the game dog. That was it. He did enough. As DA said, the amount of money that he got doesn’t add up. He should be way better than what that bag of money that he received. I’m not impressed that the 49ers are down, everybody including their mamas. As far as I’m concerned, this is another game. They are able to eek it out and be in first place of the worst division in the conference. Mike Mills, your thoughts on this game? Shout-out to the Eagles because they did what they were supposed to do because that’s what you got to do or you could go tie again. The Eagles take the lead in this division that nobody wants. They might as well give the NFC West another spot. Let the whole division make it. That’s neither here nor there. Normally, I’m not inclined personally and my belief is to never give the White man his money back. If Carson wants to win, he needs to give some of that money back. He needs some receivers very badly if he wants to continue his career in the NFL because this isn’t going to cut it but the Eagles won the game. Shout-out to the Eagles for winning. Other than that, the 49ers got to get healthy. Once they get healthy, mockeries like this won’t occur. C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens threw the combined 40 times looking at this stat sheet. It was horrible. Why are you throwing the ball this many times with scrubs? What’s wrong with you all? The next game we want to talk about is the Buccaneers hosting the Chargers. The Buccaneers get the win 38/31 against the Los Angeles Chargers. DA called me first and said, “Tommy threw for 30 or 46, 360. 9 yards, 5 TDs to 1 INT.” I’m going to tell you who’s the bag stealer. You may not agree with me. Rob Gronkowski is the Back Stealer of the Year. How much does he get paid? Too much for the one pass or week that he gets. I’m not defending the White man because that’s not what I do. Think about it. They got O.J. Howard and they got Cameron Brate. Did they need another tight end? Buccs going to drink chug beers and spray champagne when they win the championship. He got the same treatment that Tristan Thompson is still reaping the benefits from LeBron James. That’s different. You can talk all you badly as you want about 80, Mills. This is just for one year. This is as bad as far as football goes. I thought this was the game of the week for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I cut back to see what the bum Cowboys was trying to do and what other games going on. This was the primary game that was on my TV and I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The seed, the old man and the youngster go at it was a treat. I love to see it. I love to see the young guys. I do not care who’s playing on the other side taking the team on his back for certain plays, making certain throws the way that he did. I was quite impressed with Justin Herbert. It was a very good game. Uncle Tom is 42. He was slinging that ball everywhere and anywhere that he wanted to. NFL GMs, take note, this is what you do. You make sure that you have an offensive line that your running backs can run and your quarterbacks can throw. NFL GMs must make sure they have an offensive line to let running backs run and quarterbacks to throw. Click To Tweet Another note is Tom Brady is the Goat. He went out there and proved it and did his thing. Shout-out to Tom Brady. I also want to say a shout-out to Tyra Taylor. I don’t know whom he made in the past but my brother cannot succeed no matter what the situation. It’s always something. You punctured the man long. In Cleveland, they didn’t want to run the ball and force them out. Buffalo was tired of making the playoffs and forced them out. Rob Gronkowski is grabbing the bag. You made the point. They don’t need him. He came back to get the payday. He saw Tommy down there in Tampa Bay. He won a party in BS. He went down there and got a bag. That was it because they didn’t need him. There’s one pass for 29 yards. That’s telling me that you are not needed. You’re not even thought about in the offense, to be honest with you. As Dorian tries to reboot, we’re going to do a little expression here with some of the games. Rob Gronkowski is getting a base salary of $9 million with an additional $1 million that could be earned by means of a workout bonus. Rob Gronkowski is the bag stealer. The Broncos beat the Jets 7/28 for 5 seconds. Eric, thoughts on the game? The Jets did look better but they still lost Adam Gase out of here. The Jets are the worst team in football. What the hell’s a riping? That is Mark Ripper’s nephew to be exact. To me, he looked pretty good. He looked decent when he was throwing the ball. They played a little bit better but the Jets is a mess. Sam Donald got hurt. I think Flacco is the star. The next game is the Cardinals and Panthers. The Panthers beat the Cardinals, 31-21. That’s Eric’s squad. Eric, your thoughts on that game? Our defense sucks. Teddy Bridgewater did well. He ran around, scrambled and did what he had to do. He played South Shore High School defense. They’re still a young team. That’s part of the reason. Another thing I want to say is why are you throwing the ball 30 times and only getting 133 yards. This is the opposite of that. What are they doing? Sure, pass. Your quarterback should not average 5 yards a pass. They need to fix that. Carolina’s defense did play great. I will shout them out. They had a great game plan. They stuck to it and played well. Next game, Texans, 31 and 21, 23. The Vikings got young Texas out of here. Bill O’Brien and J.J. Watt were arguing. Before practice, they say O’Brien is gone. He’s the coach. Let’s start with Eric. Go ahead. It’s about Tom. I hope that this is the last time that we have a coach and a GM, integrated as the same person. The only reason why Minnesota won is that they played the Texans. Minnesota Viking, the straw that broke the camel’s back. They broke it earlier but they were trying to save face. It was time to get this guy. He should have been out of here when he made the deal for getting rid of Hopkins. Shout-out to E for what you said. Hopefully, maybe this will be the last of the coach and GM situation because it doesn’t work. There’s too much going into it. There’s no way in hell that Texans go on in three and they proved me wrong. I started this off by saying, “There’s knowing your hell Texans going on four. What did they do?” It made a liar out of me. The Texans are horrendous. Shout out to Kirk Cousins, efficiency 16 for 22, 260 yards picking your spot, running the football and throwing the football effectively. What are your thoughts on the Texans? Texans should have been gone. No more combined GM and coach. No more hiring random New England assistant coaches and making them coaches because they all suck when they get out of New England, which means that Bill Belichick did all of the coachings. All they did was run around behind players. Except for the brother down there in Miami. For the most part, they all suck. I feel bad for Deshaun Watson because he took the bag, which he should have taken. His life is going to be a living hell for the next few years. He is the best in the league. That franchise is probably going to be bad for the next years. When you start getting rid of time players, you don’t recover unless you get additional draft picks as the Dallas Cowboys got for Herschel Walker. If you get some type of deal like that, to turn your franchise back around, go forward. Some of these franchises are going to be dead for ten years.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: You don’t recover unless you get additional draft picks like the Dallas Cowboys got for Herschel Walker. If you get some type of deal to turn your franchise back around, they will be dead for 10 years.
College football is playing but people are not into it as much as they should. They’re going to have to find a wide receiver in the draft that’s nice to halfway take this man’s place and to run him back, add some offers all in one draft. As D said, Deshaun might win the Super Bowl when he’s 36 years old. I want to piggyback. I don’t feel bad for Deshaun and that’s my man. The reason why I say that is because you had to see the writing on the wall. You know that team is trash. I know you want to be the man around there. You want to get that bag, I feel you but you could have got that bag anywhere else. You could have said, “I’m not even going to sign no contract. You all can franchise tag me. I’m going to sit out a year,” because you got the bag. Who’s to say with that offensive line with Will Fuller who is good when he’s healthy? David Johnson. Jason White is 40 years old. Another bad move that they made was letting go of Jadeveon Clowney. Deshaun did see this happen. The reality is that brother might have said, “I got some personal things. I got brothers, this and that. I know I spend a bunch of money that I owe. I’m going to take this bag so I can pay it down and it’s going to be what it is.” He may do with Russell when he gets good enough to put the whole thing on his back and we’ll drag everybody through. He’s going to lose. Speeding to the rest of these games, the Bucs defeated the Bengals, 19-11. They’re both 3 and 1. Joe Burrow gets his first win against the Jaguars. He’s good. 33 to 25 up in Cincinnati. The Saints went to Detroit, went to Motown and they got their second win. They beat the Lions 35 to 29. If you do not mind, may I see the item you have and the bag because Matthew Stafford got one? He ain’t didn’t shit in many years. Matthew Stafford has been the loser. I don’t know why we’re talking about him. He’s getting the bag for many years. That is the career criminal right there. If you want to talk about anybody, that is the man. He and Sam Bradford are the biggest crooks I’ve ever been. Sam Bradford doesn’t even have a mask on. He is like, “Give me the loot.” He doesn’t even get the gut. I remember when he was the highest-paid quarterback in the league. The contract is rolling down. The dude got paid. Another one for nothing. What have you done? Megatron got you that money. He wants Megatron to retire. He did trick us into thinking Golden State was a number one receiver. He says has some 1,000 yards years. Do you know how we talk about Batman and Robin? That dude is not even Team Titans. One thousand yard years was hollow. It had a weight to it. I don’t care what you say. Detroit has a zero-win. I do want to say that we did skim that Cincinnati game. Cincinnati remembered they had a running back. Do you see what happens when you remember you have a running back guys? A running back that people thought should be in jail that they hated. I watched ESPN and I saw a woman say, “This dude should never work again.” He said, “Never get a job.” Now they cheering for him in Cincinnati. Moving right along, Seattle came down to South Florida to beat the Dolphins 31 and 23. Speaking of getting a bag but showing their worth for the bag, Russell Wilson continues to razzle, dazzle, move heads and shake heads. Seattle is 4 and 0. They beat the Dolphins down in Miami Gardens. Mike’s team beat the Washington Football Club, 31 to 17. Ravens improved to 3 and 1. The Washington Football Club goes to 1 and 3 and changed their quarterback. I don’t think Marco Rivera when he got there. That was his guy. From what I kept reading and what I kept seeing and hearing, that wasn’t this guy. Sure enough, when he got a chance, he was going to pull him. However, if you want to classify, I didn’t think that Haskins deserved to be on the bench. I thought he played rather well for what he had around him. That’s one of the things where you bring in your guys. I am going to be very observant of how Kyle Allen does with this offense. I am going to talk major crap if this guy does not play better than what Haskins has done. You are going to hear me bitch and complain a whole lot if Kyle Allen does not get it done. He sits down as the number one draft pick for his man that came from Carolina. D was writing graffiti on the man’s house. D hate this man. Hate is a strong word. I don’t hate anybody. I use a couple. You got a first-year number one quarterback and you going to start this guy over here. I like Haskins. I like fat boy. They need to leave him out there. You can get no continuity if the guy can’t sit out there and learn how to play it. Kyle Allen had his chance. I don’t understand what makes you think that Kyle Allen is a superstar or he’s going to get in there and change things around.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: You can get no continuity if Kyle Allen can’t sit out there and learn how to play it. He has had his chance.
We talk about quarterbacks and how they get mishandled by different coordinators. Watch this. Dwayne Haskins is going to be the next one because he going to sit behind this here. They going to put him in the doghouse. They probably going to look to trade him to try to get a pick out. He’s going to go somewhere else and then learn his full name all over again. Moving along and this requires none of you to make a statement on this game. Thank God the Rams beat my New York Giants 17 to 9. That’s all I got on it. Golden State slapped the hell out of Jalen Ramsey. They did fight the game. They’d been looking for me. It’d been a lot of posters. From what was going on and what I heard, this guy might have to be dealt with. He runs his mouth. That’s the real reason. Ramsey doesn’t know how to shut up everything. It’s been like, “We could do this here. Go in the locker room,” or however you want to do it. Move right along. The hapless Falcons, giving of all these, with Green Bay betters 30 to 16. Aaron Ross continues to do his thing. In the other game, the Patriots and Chiefs without Cam Newton, the Chiefs defeat the Patriots, 26 to 10. The Chiefs approved to 4 and 0. The Patriots fall back to 2 on 2. The last part of the NFL segment we’re doing is the operator of COVID-19 with some of the teams. They’re having some issues there. Hopefully, the NFL can get ahold of that and do something about that because it’s going to be very hard. They might have to do some forfeits and change around. I can’t foresee them extending the season in April 2020 because of what’s going on. That would be in my opinion. I’ll be foolish about that fact. I’ll start with Eric with the COVID spread. Hopefully, the NFL can get hold of COVID because it will only get worse. They might have to do some forfeits and change around, but this season might not be extended. Click To Tweet It’s unfortunate. I thought that the NFL had a good thing going with all the testing and all this other stuff. I’ve heard reports that there were false negatives, positives and all this other stuff. That’s something that they going to have to clean up. There should be no delays. We’re not going to wait until Wednesday to play a game. It’s not the same with baseball. We could play doubleheaders or anything like that. If you don’t have enough guys to play, you need to forfeit, take that L and keep it moving. Every team should have a policy in place forced by the NFL. If you guys are not doing what you are all supposed to do to move forward, practice and play on Sunday, then take that L. Mine is pretty simple. It’s a situation for us that we talked about. We knew this was coming. We hope that their contingency plan looks like a real plan. I go back to my basketball stance, it’s the same stance. We didn’t have to do this. I’m talking about the season on the hole. It’s up to them. I hope that they can do it smartly and keep dudes from spreading as the Tennessee COVID spreaders. It’s hard. Everybody has a family. I don’t think it gets no easier in my opinion in the place that we’re at. D-Dubb? We’ve been down this road already. We talked about this. The NFL is going to have to figure out something, how to get these players to stay in one centralized location. They travel by themselves on the team playing. I don’t know what they doing. After the fact, there are a lot of people that are getting infected. I don’t know. They going to have to push stuff back. You guys are in law enforcement. Mike knows the world. E works in the healthcare industry. My question for you guys is how do you stop it? You don’t even know where you caught it at. I got an easy suggestion for that. Wear a mask or stop going any and everywhere. Go home after practice. You got money. Before anybody takes that, I know it’s a sensitive time and era. I’m not saying women should stay in the house. I’m saying if you have no reason to leave the house, why are you still leaving the house for? It’s September 2020. You’ve been in the house since February 2020. Nothing changed. The kids need a play date. The kids could have played there in the backyard. They got to have their friends over because they’re not getting socialized. Onto the next thing, wear a mask. Please be careful. I’m in public safety. I wouldn’t be outside if I didn’t have to. I wear my mask. I’ll be safe and that’s it. I’m going to go on to the National Hockey League. NHL had their draft and shout-out to Quinton Byfield. He made history as the highest-drafted Black player ever in the National Hockey League. His father Clinton is of Jamaican descent and landed in the US market. His impact on hockey is even greater. Whenever you have a player like that, who has the potential to go 1, 2 or 3 and he looks like me and my boys, it’s good news all around, not only for a young man in his family but for a lot of kids who share his dreams, hopes and aspirations. A big shout-out to the LA Kings for selecting Quinton Byfield. My New York Rangers got to do Alexis and Artemi Panarin. The Rangers got two. Wingers on the side. The young guys and the Rangers made the playoffs in 2020. That’s going to be very interesting. We’ll see if the Rangers can not do another four years without getting a cup. It’s gone on 26 already since the last time they won a cup back in ‘94. Shout-out to the NHL for their thing, the draft and we’ll move on to major league baseball. Washington Capitals, you guys are on the clock. You went out and got Henrik Lundqvist. There is no reason why you do not get it done. You got way too many weapons on that team. You got a bonafide gold tender. They picked Lundqvist. There is no reason why you guys don’t win the cup.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: The Washington Capitals are on the clock. They went out and got Henry Lust. There’s absolutely no reason for them not to get it done this year or even the following year.
Moving right along, Major League Baseball has bulls onto their divisional rounds. The Yankees are playing Tampa Bay and San Diego. They’re down 5 to 1 in the game that seriously started at 1-1. Houston League, in the series 2 to 1, lost the date to the Athletics. The series is 2 to 1 Houston. The Braves won against the Marlins, 2 to 0. The Dodgers defeated the Padres, 5 to 1. They’re another against the Dodgers. I would wish that would’ve been the National League Championship series but somehow with the traditional series. That’s what’s the game that we’re getting and the Dodgers are about to start here in a little bit. Any thoughts? Let me start with the Houston Nashvilles. Was that Major League part two? Was it the insurance dude? They’re running around the field with big bull crap. What can you do? Are we winning? Be mad. What do you think about the Astros moving past? CC Sabathia on his podcast called out Correa and said he was a clown. Some of the Astros are being a bunch of Kikis men, sensitive about something that they got caught. My thing is to be fair and square. They cheat. E, what do you think about the Houston Astros? I didn’t understand why they had to cheat in the first place. That team was stacked. They still bring guys out of their farm system. They plug and don’t miss a beat. I didn’t understand why they had to do it in the first place. I feel like they got to chip on their shoulder and they are trying to show the world, “We cheated.” They have a little attitude about it but they’re showing the world, “We could steal the ball.” They did that thus far. The Astros should not be taken lightly in these playoffs. We are Yankee fans except for Mike. We got to worry about Tampa but Houston should not be taken lightly at all. It was never clear why the Houston Astros had to cheat in the first place. Their team was stack and doesn’t miss a bit. But now, they seem to have a chip on their shoulder. Click To Tweet DA, what do you think about Astros and the Athletics series? I remember years ago we talked about it. I said, “Those guys are two years in front of schedule.” When they first went to the World Series, I thought they were two years ahead of schedule because that’s how good I thought the team was on the whole. They’re still right there where they need to be as far as a team’s concerned. They stay lost pitching and brought up new pitchers. From the field position players, it’s the second to none down the line and they’re not big. Not everybody’s there hitting home runs but they get you on, move you over and get you in. They’ve been doing this for many years. We get you on, move you over and get you in. I like Houston. It’s going to have to become a copycat league because it’s going to be hard to beat them coming forward if your team doesn’t have any pitching. You’ll need three good arms to beat them. I like Houston. They got the right to walk around by hanging because they showed you that we can win any way we want to win and they’ll be there at the end. D-Dubb, what do you think about Astros? They are a problem. You weren’t saying that in 2019. First of all, Astros didn’t have to do what they did in the first place. Here we are again giving them accolades for doing what they show us that they could do. They’re showing us they can win without all the foolishness. They’re doing a pretty good job. They are up to 2 and 1 on Athletics. We’ll see. They need one more game to go ALCS or whatever we’re calling this. Are we still doing division?
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: The Houston Astros didn’t have to cheat in the first place, given their accolades and their proven track record. They’re showing everyone they can win without all the foolishness.
This is the divisional route. They do the ALCS. They’ll meet the either Yankees or Tampa. Tampa is killing the Yankees. They’re walking with that swag. We’ll see what happens. Mike, what are your thoughts on the Astros and Athletic series as if we focus on that series? Beanie Sigel said it best, “Just because somebody does something, are you authorized to speak on what they did and what happened?” They did it and nobody’s saying cheat but what I’m saying is can you beat them? When you get in the ring with them, can you beat them head-to-head? That’s what the Astros approved. “We cheated last year. Numbers don’t look the same but we still kicking ass and taking names.” Let’s see if any of these teams have enough to beat them.
SCSP | NBA Finals
NBA Finals: Despite their cheating scandal, it takes guts to beat Houston Astros head-to-head.
To be clear, Astros finished the season with a losing record. They didn’t finish under over 500. It was 60 games. Baseball and the playoffs are about who’s hot. They knew what to do once they got to the dance. That series is a good thing. There’s a lot more baseball to go. My Yankees are getting killed. The Braves lead the series 2-0. That’ll be Shinjo. He is a good baseball player. Shout-out to the Atlanta Braves. I wish that would’ve been a championship series but, unfortunately, it’s not. The Yankees and Rays are top of the six. The Yankees got one back. It’s 5 to 2. We’ll see what goes on. Mike Mills, where can we be found out? You can find us at @SportsChasersPodcast on Instagram and @ChasersSports on Twitter. If you happen to go on SoundCloud, you can find us at Sports Chasers Podcast Incorporate and on YouTube at Sports Chasers Podcast. Everybody, be safe. Help your fellow man out. You know the routine. I can’t wait for days when people can debate and have two different views on things and still acknowledge one another, get along about their day and don’t have any World War III about the difference of opinions. Enjoy the show. We’ll see you in the next episode. Be safe out there. COVID-19 is still out there. It is real. Wear your mask, get sanitized, carry sanitizer around, social distance and all that good stuff. Do not be irresponsible. Be a responsible adult. Be responsible for your children. We’re going to get through this but we have to have some common sense safety measures to get through this. Let’s get through this. It’s been a good show. COVID-19 is still out there. It is real. Wear your mask, get a sanitizer, social distance, and be a responsible adult for your children. Click To Tweet First, I want to say I’m human and I can admit when I was wrong. I wanted to give a shout-out to ESPN because they have this wonderful little program where they show all our highlights with Chris Berman, who I feel should have never been forced off the air but we’re not going to talk about that. They put Booger next to him instead of TJ. In the first couple weeks that I watched, I was still not so interested but the Booger looks comfortable. If they got to put him on the set with Chris Berman and only Chris Berman, leave him there and I can deal with that ESPN. I’ll stop badmouthing your casted characters. That’s my first paw shot. My second one, more importantly, let’s end this on a strong note. We are still in trying times. The Tennessee Titans, half their team had Corona and we had to push a game back. How many more people have to have Corona and become ill before we wear our masks and take better precautions? The president is running around with COVID and no mask. Protect yourself and please go vote. I don’t care whom you vote for, go vote and wear a mask. I’m an average Joe. I miss the strip club like you athletes but not during COVID. Please wear your mask and be safe. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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